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Multi-talented artist, Noah G, is Nashville’s next new sound.

With an unrivaled passion for music, Noah brings hip-hop, oldies and classic country together in a way you’ve never heard before…

Bridge: Tell the good people of Bridge who you are…

NG: Hello good people of Bridge! Thank you for reading! Side note the owner of this magazine is a badass… check her out… I digress. My name is Noah! I’m a cancer. I love popcorn, driving at night and writing music. This sounds like my dating profile (laughs) I was born in Portland, Maine but raised in Santa Barbara, California. And now I’m finding a home in the great city of Nashville, Tennessee.

Bridge: Aw, I paid him to say that. And as if you need a dating profile (major eye roll)

I don’t easily say this to someone, but what you have is unique. Your music takes a lot of pieces from different genres and brings them together in good, ole storytelling form. Where does your inspiration come from?

NG: Aaaaaw shucks. Well thank you! I think my inspiration comes the same way we all get inspiration; from things we like. I remember being very drawn to hip-hop music early on. The way it handles overcoming hardship in a braggadocious way was really empowering to me growing up. And my parents loved listening to Bob Dylan, Van Morrison and The Rolling Stones so that was in my blood as well. Then you mix the mysterious blessing of just HAVING to make music (a phenomenon I know you’re familiar with) and you get my style. I get excited about doing things out of the norm so I’m really happy to hear you like it!!

Bridge: I think it’s that depth of understanding of each style that allows you to be so good at mixing them.

Speaking of being good at things, I read you got yourself into CalArts and you were the SECOND person in the history of that school to graduate with a dual degree in acting and music, what the heck man? Tell us about that time, how did studying there shape where your music is today?

NG: Yeah, (laughs) that was an interesting time. I had just been in an independent movie that got picked up by a distributor so it got me thinking I could pursue acting along with music. I decided to go to CalArts because they marketed themselves as interdisciplinary, but when I got there it was so much harder doing both than anticipated. Because no one had really done it before the school system didn’t really know what to do with me. I spent my first two years knocking on doors before I was able to be accepted into both programs. So more than anything it taught me to hussle and network which I am grateful for. I do remember when I graduated though I didn’t write a song for about a year because I was so burnt out. So I think the whole art education system seems to be re-evaluated. But I feel myself ranting so I’ll shut up (laughs)

Bridge: By all means, rant away! It’s a conversation that I think needs to happen. I’m sure it’s difficult balancing the necessity of running a school like a business but also giving creative space. That goes for the industry as a whole though, it really isn’t what I thought it would be.

Alright, so that was in L.A., but you’ve also lived in Brooklyn, Sante Fe, India, which music scene impacted you the most?

NG: Oh man, probably Brooklyn. I remember telling my day job that I wanted to pursue music and they basically fired me on the spot. I then spent the next three months living on unemployment, teaching music in Long Island two days a week and FORCING myself to write a song everyday. It felt like a trial by fire that I put myself through. Watching my bank account inch towards zero but being hell bent on only living a life based around music was as rewarding as it was terrifying.

Bridge: I feel like we’re going to see a movie about your life at some point! That is incredibly inspiring, you’ve definitely paid your dues!

Let’s switch gears and talk your new (catchy as hell) single “California Country”- what’s the story behind it?

NG: Thank you! I wrote that with a buddy, Erland Wanberg. We were both in Santa Barbara, California at the time and we just wanted to write a song that bridged both worlds since we hadn’t heard it before. And it was authentic to us. Two California boys who loved writing country music.

Bridge: I hadn’t heard it either and I really think you have something there!

I’m curious, given your eclectic style, if you could collaborate with any artist in history who would it be and why?

NG: Oh man. If I have to pick just one it would be Eminem. Just based on the fact he was my first inspiration and I probably wouldn’t be doing anything I’m doing now if it weren’t for him.

Bridge: I can definitely see that. Note to the reader, Noah has a killer cadence, get yourself out to one of his shows.

And because we need more…what projects are you working on right now?

NG: I’m just working on writing as many good songs with as many good people as I can! I am developing my whole country/pop/hip-hop sound more and more too. So I’m looking for a good producer who can see that vision.

Bridge: Do you have any gigs coming up we can catch?

NG: I usually play Saturday, Sunday and/or Monday at one of the Taps! (Alley, Cabana and Belcourt)

Bridge: Give us one huge goal you have for your music in the next couple of years…

NG: I want to be one of the greats. I want people to look back on the music I made and feel like it helped them understand, or at least be more comfortable being human… is that too huge of a goal?

Bridge: Not at all! And it’s admirable at that. What more pure motivation could an artist have, really? And that’s what everyone wants and needs. I know you’ll do just that!

So, I’m changing the last question just for you…Is your hair always so dang big and beautiful? What are you hiding in there? Is it the secret to your musical success?

NG: Hah! I’m terrified people will discover it’s a wig but until that day I’m just rocking it…

Bridge: I knew it was too good to be true!! Excuse me while I go cry.

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