New Sound And Star Power — ‘Give Her Back’ by JuJu2x ft. Yung Vince

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As we head further into 2022 entirely, there’s nothing better than discovering a banger overnight. If you’re like us and happen to be an avid lover of hip-hop music, you’ll know that many rappers are making their debut this year, some of which without question will blow you away. 

We recently discovered the new song ‘Giver Her Back’, released by JuJu2x and Yung Vince. Born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas, these two brothers teamed up to release an absolute masterpiece, and needless to say, we were at a loss for words.

We have been playing the track on repeat, but we have noticed that the rap style and melody are a little familiar. That’s not in the sense that it would be redundant but in a way that it’s something that we can bop our heads to without having to adjust to the beat.

What We Think About The Banger ‘Give Her Back’?

It’s not every day that we see talent brimming from the music industry. We usually witness only a few individuals leaving their mark, with hundreds and thousands of singers trying to make their name in the music industry. 

These two stars originating from Texas have been around the music space for long. They are extraordinary rappers with skills we want to see in the music industry. Their music, rhythm, and beats are what make them unique in their own right.

After listening to the song, we gathered that this is not your typical rap flow. It has a smooth, laid-back beat with a fluent rhythm. In addition, we see hints of music flow of that akin to Drake and Tory Lanez’s, which is an exciting detail to point out because both the rappers, JuJu2x and Yung Vince, take great inspiration from these artists.

We believe that you produce outstanding outcomes when you take inspiration from great men. And that’s precisely what happened here; with both these rappers taking strides in the rap industry, we expect to see a lot of them in the future as well.

Let’s talk a little about the Give Her Back music video. 

We see a whole spectrum of deep colors enveloping the video where the rappers are seen in a bash going off with their rap. This bop is something that you can play at a party or any fun event that you want without boring the crowd. You don’t get tracks like these every day, that’s for sure.

The music and rap bit complements the music video they have released for this song. The banger has a very smooth flowing rap with an immaculate vibe, and the rhythm is super catchy. In addition, the melodies are no less than infectious. 

If you need a single to hear on repeat, this song might be just the one for you!

The conceptualization and rap are in perfect alignment, which further accentuates the vibe of the music video. JuJu2x and Yung Vince keep releasing incredible music. They continue to show us what they were born to do. We learned that JuJu2x and Yung Vince had released two songs before this one, making the whole ordeal a lot better. 

From “Protagonist” and “Life Of My Party” by JuJu2x to Yung Vince’s “Girls Want Bellamy” and “One-Sided”, both the rappers have kick-started their career with fantastic music, which translates in their newest release, ‘Give Her Back.’

Why Should You Listen To Give Her Back?

If you’re a major Hip-Hop fan and love artists like Drake, Tory Lanez, and Future, you might want to check them out because they could be the next big thing in 2022. Personally, we don’t think there are many rappers out there coming out with a bang. Still, this song was absolutely encapsulating for us—the flow, the rhythm, and the melody was gripping.

Suppose you’re the type of person who is particular about the kind of rap they listen to. In that case, you should know that this one probably leans a little towards Frat Rap and Gangsta Rap. The type of music celebrating the party lifestyle is associated with college life and its fraternities. And Gangsta Rap, in a sense, there is a bit of a glamorization of gangster lifestyle, which Drake and Tory Lanez are also seen incorporating in their music. 

When music is an amalgamation of different types of rap, that’s when you know it’s good. From being relatable to being upbeat, that’s what catches the audience’s attention more than anything and Give Her Back is exactly that. The two talented artists teaming up and releasing such a great track shows that rap music has a really bright future.

Their raging collaboration is a must listen; there’s a perfect balance of flow and aggression that is enough to get anyone in the mood to move. This is one of the reasons why we think you should listen to it because we have been listening to it on repeat!


We live in an age where individuals with the right talent find their way to the top by using multiple social media platforms. Still, not all of them make it big in the industry. However, for rappers like JuJu2x and Yung Vince, the fate is with them, allowing us to discover their engrossing music. 

In addition, many try their luck with rapping and furthering hip-hop music, but not all of them can live up to the expectations. JuJu2x and Yung Vince have shown us that they can release a banger after banger, and we won’t get tired of it.

If you’re looking for fresh beats and insane rap to go with it, then we think that you should definitely listen to ‘Give Her Back’; the music will not disappoint you.

If you want to check their music out on YouTube, you can click here.

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