New Artist OGECHIMUSIC Talks About Her Life And Her New Single “Chasing You”

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OGECHIMUSIC is releasing her debut single “Chasing You.” Ogechi grew up in Nigeria but attended Middle and High School in Durham, North Carolina, a place she calls “bull city.”

Though it hasn’t always been easy, she is proud of her hometown and her Nigerian heritage. The artist knew it was important to remember her home and her country of origin. “I owe who I am today to my roots,” she says “And I think I’m pretty remarkable.”

“Chasing You” – 2022

Ogechi described her childhood as fun and creative. She was the only girl in her family for a long time. Because she never got to go outside due to nearby dangers, she learned to be crafty with what she had around her. She picked up singing, sewing, drawing, and even acting. She practiced acting through talking to herself she says. She had many cousins she sometimes saw and when she saw them she desperately wanted to be one of the boys, and this desire was something she quickly outgrew.

OGECHI explains that CHASING YOU is a memory from middle and high school. Just the other day, she says she thought about how fun it is to have a crush, and as a teenage girl it was the most fun thing to do. She wanted to remind herself of that memory. “My crushes were never aware of it,” she says “but that was part of the fun! Laughing and whispering with best friends about guys was what I did to pass time in school.”

Girls, we can all relate! Check out “Chasing You” available everywhere now and follow OGECHI on social media to keep up with the latest news.

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