Netflix: Top 10 Week of Oct. 9: ‘Beckham’ and ‘Lupin’ Hold Onto #1; ‘Ballerina’ Debuts in Top SpotNetflix:

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Fans proved Beckham is still #goals, keeping the limited docuseries about global football superstar David Beckham atop the English TV List for the second week in a row with 11.6M views. The Fall of the House of Usher Poe-ssibly Mike Flanagan’s most chilling series yet – haunted its way into second place in its debut week with 6M views. Elsewhere, it was a strong week of returning favorites: Season 4 of coming-of-age series Sex Education took #3 (4M views), Love is Blind Season 5 claimed fifth place (2.6M views), ONE PIECE came in at #6 in its eighth week on the list (1.9M views) and Season 5 of Virgin River took #8 (1.4M views). 

All three parts of French crime heist series Lupin stole spots on the Non-English TV List for the second week in a row. Part 3 crept into the top spot, taking #1 with 14.1M views. Parts 1 and 2, which are mainstays on the Most Popular Non-English TV List, grabbed #2 (4.7M views) and #4 (4.3M views) on the weekly list, respectively. Korea took two spots on the list with comedy Strong Girl Nam-soon ranking third (4.4M views) and romantic comedy Destined with You landing at #8 (1.7M views). Psycho-thriller limited series Dear Child (Germany) spent its sixth week on the list, this week coming in at #7 (1.7M views). 

Cold-blooded crime thriller Reptile, starring Benicio Del Toro, Justin Timberlake and Alicia Silverstone kept its spot in the sun, claiming the top spot on the English Films List for the third week in a row with 14.2M views. Fair Play, writer/director Chloe Domont’s lauded debut starring Bridgerton’s Phoebe Dyvenor and Alden Ehrenreich, continues to stir up conversation and staved off the competition to hold second place (14M views). Elsewhere on the list, fans got their Tom Cruise fix with the spy comedy American Made landing at #4 (4.9M views), Mean Girls proved the laughs last way past October 3rd, coming in fifth place (3.9M views), and Jordan Peele’s Academy Award winning Get Out landed at #10 (3.1M views).

Korean action thriller Ballerina ascended to the top of the Non-English Films List with 14.7M views, making it the most watched title of the week. Not only did dystopian survival thriller Nowhere (Spain) take #2 in its third week on the list with 13.2M views, it also climbed to #3 on the Most Popular Films (Non-English) List, clocking 66.8M views to date. Making their list debuts were the Swedish horror film The Conference at #3 (7.6M views), Nigerian drama Ìjọ̀gbọ̀n at #8 (2.2M views) and heartfelt Filipino drama Keys to the Heart at #10 (1.6M views). 

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