Nashville Producer And DJ Feelz Releases Hot New Single “Wake Me Up”

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Nashville-based record label Average Joes Entertainment celebrated eight new RIAA certifications allocated to several singles in its catalog during their...

Nashville producer and DJ Feelz has released the new single with LAVANT, featuring Gabriel Eli on vocals, “Wake Me Up.” You can listen to the single here.

Feelz’s newest single “Wake Me Up” has us all wishing we were on the dance floor. The song combines Feelz’s and LAVANT’s incredible production along with Gabriel Eli’s fresh vocals to create an electronic masterpiece.

In “Wake Me Up,” the lyrics describe wanting to move past an emotional event without having to go through the hard parts, and Feelz and LAVANT’s production style mirror that emotion perfectly. These poignant lyrics are paired with a sudden peak in the beat, then a giant drop with a huge bass line to emphasize the emotion in the lyrics and Gabriel’s soaring vocal.

Feelz - releases new single "wake me up"
“Wake Me Up” (2022)

WAKE ME UP: Production by Feelz & LAVANT
Written and performed by Gabriel Eli

Feelz is Nashville’s most up and coming DJ and EDM artist. Feelz, born John Lawson, paved his way into the Nashville EDM scene full-force, and has been making his way to the top ever since. Feelz’s main influences come from various electronic pop artists, lending him the high-energy vibes of his live shows.

Feelz’s start in the music industry began during his years as a college student playing DJ sets at many of the local clubs and bars. After gaining hometown popularity, he began performing alongside major-label musicians and DJs from around the world. Some of the artists include: Waka Flocka Flame, Slander, and Alison Wonderland. Feelz played on tours such as Paint Gone Wild and the Glo Paint Party. Feelz regularly DJs around the city, and you can catch his sets at spots such as Miranda Lambert’s Casa Rosa, Dirty Little Secret, and the Twelve Thirty Club in downtown Nashville.

Feelz’ three singles he has released are at over a million total independent streams. Feelz’s releases include “The One” ft. DeVries, “Waiting For You” ft. Lena Luisa, and single, “Got U” ft. Ceara Cavalieri, which have seen placements in EDMNations, EDMSauce, BuzzMusic, PopWrapped, and Stage Right Secrets. Feelz’s newest single “Wake Me Up,” fits right into his collection of hits. To keep up with Feelz, follow him on all social media platforms @iamfeelzmusic.

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