Nashville Country Singer-Songwriter Casi Joy  Announces New Album “Miles and Maybes”

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Country-pop singer-songwriter, guitarist, and performer Casi  Joy is announcing today that her new album, Miles and Maybes, will be released March 31st in  partnership with ONErpm. The album will be available at all digital outlets and signed physical  copies of the album are available for pre-order now through Joy’s web store. The album’s title is  inspired by a lyric from her January single “Under the Hood,” the latest in a prolific and buzzy  streak of new singles from Joy. The song’s conception, she explains, finally inspired the  framework to put together her first ever full-length album of original music. “When I got home  with the demo, I knew we had something special,” Joy explained to COWGIRL Magazine in their  exclusive premiere. “[I] immediately knew an album would be centered around it.” 

Beginning with “Under the Hood,” Miles and Maybes spans fourteen tracks that highlight Joy’s  emerging profile as one of Nashville’s most exciting new songwriting voices, including several of  those recent singles like fan-favorites “The Money” and “Namaste” — which led to Casi being  named an “Artist to Watch” by both Popwrapped and Cowboy Lifestyle Network — alongside  last year’s raucously funny barn-burner “Everything’s Fine” and the breakup anthem “Business  of Breaking Up.” All together, the album creates a detailed portrait of Joy’s accomplishments as  a songwriter, utilizing a uniquely affable and intimate voice — both as a writer and as a singer —  to wrap detailed observations and personal experiences into sweeping and empathetic  statements on a wide variety of relatable topics.  

With previously-heard tracks, she spun sweetly and sometimes sarcastically witty odes to things  like car troubles (“Everything’s Fine”, “Under The Hood”), heartbreak (“Namaste,” “Business of  Breaking Up,”) and even financial anxiety on “The Money.” “I feel like so many people go  through that,” she explained to Country Now in an exclusive premiere of the latter single. “I  wanted to write something kind of sarcastic and lighthearted, but it is about a very real subject  and it was real to me at the time as well when I wrote it.” On several of the new tracks she finds  an even more powerful sense of intimacy by turning that impulse inward, expressing an anxiety  and a fear of opening up on “Me, Myself, and My” and reminiscing on closely-held memories  she shares with her father on the warm and slowly-simmering acoustic ballad “Hey Dad.”  

On standout track “Partners in Time,” Joy spins those small moments between two people into  an anthemic never-ending love story: “January / Shut down the hometown bar at 3am,” she  begins, “Took you two weeks to get the nerve to kiss me… ten years flew right by.” It’s an  earnest detail that will nonetheless feel incredibly relatable and moving to any couple  remembering their early courtship, even turning Joy’s signature tongue-in-cheek wit into  something of a microcosm for any couple’s personal vocabulary of inside jokes. “I’ll be Bonnie,  you be Clyde,” she bursts on the chorus, adding: “Let’s lock this down without the crime.”  

As Casi Joy continues to bloom as one of the most nimble and dextrous songwriters in country pop today, her profile as a live performer remains untouchable. A Kansas City native, she was  invited by the Kansas City Chiefs to perform the National Anthem at the city’s official Super Bowl  victory parade earlier this month. Following a notable stint as part of Blake Shelton’s team on  NBC’s The Voice in 2017, Joy has built one of the most loyal and friendly fanbases in the  business through a notoriously rigorous touring commitment and an earnest and open presence  on social media (including spending at least one Valentine’s day with her fans cooking dinner  with her husband on a livestream). In the past few years she was spending enough time on the  road that she and her husband decided to convert their tour bus (“The Joyride”) into a home on  wheels. In 2022, she signed with booking agency Mint Talent Group, joining a roster of  legendary touring acts like Art Garfunkel and the Allman Brothers band. Over the years, Joy has  shared stages with some of the biggest names in country music including Maren Morris, Keith  Urban, Carly Pearce, Dustin Lynch, and countless others.  

Miles and Maybes — Casi Joy’s first full-length record of original music since coming to national  attention — stands as a careful and hard-earned document of an artist with a continued  commitment to finding joy in her craft, and a singular perspective on the things that really matter.  Arriving in the wake of a whirlwind couple years of professional and creative achievements for  the emerging artist, it still manages to feel like she’s just getting started. “Even after some of the biggest moments of my life,” she explains, “it’s always like I’m chasing that feeling that I had and  chasing the next one that’s even bigger.”  

Keep up with Casi Joy on her official website. 

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