Morgan Wallen Receives Medical Clearance After Vocal Cord Injury: “We Back”

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Returning to the spotlight, Morgan Wallen is set to make a comeback to the music scene following a period of rest advised by medical professionals.

The renowned singer shared some positive updates about his well-being through his Instagram stories. In the photo he posted, Wallen can be seen seated on the back of his boat surrounded by fishing poles, symbolizing his return to the stage. Accompanying the image, the country artist wrote, “Furthermore, the doctor has given me the green light to speak and sing… we’re back.”

On May 9, Wallen made the difficult announcement that he had to postpone six weeks’ worth of shows due to re-injuring his vocal cords during three recent performances. In a video shared on his Instagram account, he expressed the devastating news he received from his doctors at the Vanderbilt Voice Center. After taking a ten-day period of vocal rest, Wallen performed three shows in Florida, but by the third one, he experienced severe discomfort. Seeking medical attention, he underwent an examination that revealed the re-injury and trauma to his vocal folds. Consequently, his doctors recommended a six-week period of vocal rest, to which he committed.

While instructed not to speak at all during this recovery period, Wallen received permission from his doctors to communicate with his fans. He also disclosed that he had sustained a torn LAT (lateral muscle) during his time in Australia, an injury he had been working through silently. However, the time off for his vocal recovery would also aid in his rehabilitation for that injury. Wallen and his team are diligently working on rescheduling the affected concert dates, with progress being made on most of them. He assured his followers that he would provide updates on the pending shows and expressed regret that he would be unable to participate in festivals during this timeframe. Nevertheless, he pledged to make it up to his fans by scheduling those festivals for next year.

Wallen emphasized that tickets purchased for the original dates would be honored for the rescheduled performances. Initially, he canceled his concert in Oxford, Mississippi, on April 23, just moments before he was scheduled to take the stage.

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