Morgan Wallen Concert’s ‘Romper Stomper’ Shares Her Side Of The Brawl With Dave Portnoy

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The newly appointed internet sensation affectionately known as the ‘Romper Stomper’ was born during a scuffle near a portable restroom at a Wednesday night Morgan Wallen concert at PNC Park in Pittsburgh. Fondly referred to as the “Romper Stomper,” she became the focal point of the altercation.

Dalanie DiSabato spoke with Dave Portnoy yesterday explaining that what initially started as a dispute between two women near the porta potty quickly escalated into a physical altercation. The situation took an unexpected turn when both women found themselves inside the same porta potty due to a perfectly timed door opening.

At this critical juncture, a third woman entered the fray. Two of the women seemed to be teaming up against one of them, until an unexpected heroine stepped in. She sported a romper paired with white cowboy boots and had one clear objective: to take control of the situation, which she did with remarkable ease. Following the widespread circulation of the porta potty altercation video, the woman dubbed the “Romper Stomper” revealed her identity. She goes by the name Dalanie DiSabato and is a 21-year-old nursing student.

The “Romper Stomper” didn’t let the porta potty incident spoil her evening. She enjoyed the concert and even incorporated the hashtag “Romper Stomper” into her footage from the event. After disclosing her involvement in the brawl at the Morgan Wallen concert, she shared her side of the story on the BFFs podcast. Surprisingly, she admitted to being the catalyst for the altercation.

Dalanie had cut in front of a woman in a pink top to use the porta potty. As it turned out, the woman being confronted by the woman in pink was Dalanie’s mother. Her transformation into the “Romper Stomper” occurred because the other women were ganging up on her mom. Dalanie explained, “I didn’t really realize that I cut in front of this girl. And I walked into the bathroom, and my mom was standing outside of the door, guarding the door, because this girl was pissed. Like, she was mad.”

While dealing with the situation inside the porta potty, Dalanie could hear the scuffle starting outside. Upon emerging, she discovered that her mom was outnumbered in a two-on-one confrontation, prompting her to take swift action.

Interview With Dave Portnoy:

Dalanie handled the situation decisively, stating, “I just walked out and saw two girls ganging up on my mom, so I just did what I think any daughter would have done. I just intervened.”

Perhaps the most surprising aspect of the entire incident is the fact that Dalanie had never been in a fight before. Despite lacking formal training, she displayed remarkable aggression, grappling skills, and even used the porta potty door strategically.

Dalanie is the type of person you’d want by your side when things get chaotic. She relies on her instincts and doesn’t hesitate to take action.

Far from fading into obscurity, Dalanie DiSabato is capitalizing on her viral fame. Playboy extended an invitation to her to join their exclusive content platform, which she accepted.

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