Moon And Aries New Album, “The Arrival” Will Take You On An Uplifting Existential Journey

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Moon and Aries. 

Jordana and Tom. 

Their musical journey begins in a unique, yet somewhat classic way. Both working away on solo projects, Tom and Jordana found each other through social media and instantly became fans of each other’s work. As they also became friends, they realized they had a similar outlook on life, similar taste in music, and both shared a near identical mission and purpose as musicians. 

Jordana came from an extensive writing and performing background, studying creative writing at Vancouver film school, and singing in musical theatre productions and jazz clubs. 

Jordana Moon

Tom came from an extensive composing background, training in classical piano and learning how to cultivate an entire orchestral sound, creating larger than life music and melodies. 

They realized they would be the perfect musical match as they both appreciated telling big stories with their music. Like if each song was a movie. 

When they began to work on their second song together, “Shadow, ” they saw that things were really clicking, better than imagined. Both were inspiring each other to raise their game and create music that could actually compete with mainstream music from both the past and present. 

Combining their love for a retro sound and a futuristic vibe, they have merged synth pop with trip hop and created “Synth Pop Opera.” 

They decided to go all in with this concept and create a concept album. 

The last 2 years have fueled the storyline; dark nights of the soul and yearning for better days, facing your inner demons, and finally arriving at a moment of inner peace. This Moon and Aries album attempts to write the future with a prophecy and philosophy that if you evaluate, heighten your awareness, and clean up your internal World, an upgraded external World will eventually present itself. 

Tom Aries

This theatrical presentation of perspectives, ideas and plots, wrapped up in synths and harmonies, you can listen along to Moon and Aries music and ponder your existence, or just enjoy the musical ride. 

Driven by a wonderful connection, passion for music and storytelling, Moon and Aries have a mission to create high concept,high vibrational music that can help theme the times. They believe good Songwriting should trigger old memories and help paint new ones while keeping you grounded in the present moment. 

The Arrival album will take you on an uplifting existential journey throughout time and space, entrancing your senses with hypnotic beats and seductive synths, a storyline that will captivate your imagination and vocals that will soothe your soul. 

Moon and Aries music is streaming everywhere. 

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