Monica Lewinsky Asks Beyoncé To Remove Her Name From 2013 Song “Partition”

The request came after it was announced that the singer would be reworking a lyric from a Renaissance song.

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Former White House intern, Monica Lewinsky tweeted a suggestion to Beyoncé on Monday requesting that her name be removed from the singer’s 2013 song ‘Partition.’

The tweet came in response to news that Beyoncé would remove an offensive lyric from “Renaissance” after receiving ableist backlash.

Lewinsky’s tweet referenced a lyric speaking of her affair with President Bill Clinton which led to the President’s 1998 impeachment. On the track, Beyoncé said that a man “Monica Lewinsky’d all on my gown.”

The tweet surprised some fans, who were quick to remind Lewinsky that she previously had no issue with the lyric, citing an interview she did with Vanity Fair where she only offered her name be replaced by Bill Clintons to make more sense.

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