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Mili & Bertie are a British alt-pop duo comprised of two songwriters who together, have formed an artistry like no other.

Influenced by the likes of: Crowded House, The Beatles, John Mayer and Hugh Cornwell; the duo unapologetically combine classic sounds of another era whilst bringing a new vibe that is recklessly unique, yet relevant to current popular music.Their honest songwriting and striking full voices blend together over captivating melodies that will have you singing along incessantly.

The duo released their debut single ‘Lie With Me’; a 50’s esque pop ballad on major streaming sights in the summer of 2019, followed by an industry single release event in London and music video . Their second single ‘Hey Lonely’ followed in January 2020 and kicked off a 10 date single tour of the United States which included dates in Los Angeles, Nashville, Austin & Dallas. Since then Mili & Bertie have released a lockdown single, and there most recent single ‘Take Me To The Place’ was inspired by their time touring. The duo have been featured on various online music blogs and radio shows including BBC Introducing Berkshire with their releases.

What is the best part of being a duo vs. being solo artists?

“We think the best part a about being a duo rather than a solo act, is being able to bounce ideas off each other and always have an alternative opinion with the same agenda.. if that makes sense! We both want the same thing for our music and know what our sound is, but where one of us thinks something is a good idea the other one can look at it with fresh eyes and add to it or change it. We often write lyrics or melodies on our own and then work on them together, and end up coming up with something much better than either of us could have done on our own. We know each other very well so often know what the other is going to say or where they will take the idea! We can also be quite brutally honest with each other which is important.

Another positive of being a duo is the confidence it gives you. They say there’s safety in numbers, well we have been able to put ourselves out there much more knowing we aren’t on our own when we are touring and always being able to discuss our decisions and enjoy the journey together!”

The music video for Mili & Bertie’s new single, “Take Me To The Place” debuts tomorrow, 12.22.20!

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