Marcaux Releases New Single ‘Icing”

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Genre-hip-hop/indie/Pop/alternative artist, Marcaux is thrilled to release his new single “Icing” that is out now along with the official music video featured on XX.

Icing” is the latest single off Marcaux’s new EP titled ‘Mom, Pick Me Up.’ I’m Scared set to come on in the new year. The video was directed/produced by Hunt For Gold Brooklyn and the song and EP was co-produced by Marcaux and Aire Atlantica.

Marcaux teamed up and signed with Repost/Soundcloud for this release as well. 

Marcaux says “I was told in this industry that when something works, do it a dozen times. So here’s 2/12. I figured the first single should be a banger. So bang it. Half of the EP that “Icing” is on is sad singer songwriter songs. So I want you to start off on a fun note . Fun fact, the line in the song “A dope producer stole my beat to make a bogus hit” is true. A HUGE producer (who will not be named) took one of my beats and it became a (somewhat) hit. the “I said eye for an eye and I stole his bitch” however, is not true. I wish haha”

Marcaux releases new single “icing”
Marcaux (2022)

“When I hit up my Director Tim from Hunt for Gold our original plan for the “Icing” music video was to buy as much Icing as humanly possible and go crazy with it. We ended up instead spending the entire video budget on children’s party supplies. This ended up being the most fun I’ve ever had shooting a music video, which totally fits the vibe of the song.”

Marcaux is a Long Island, New York based Artist , who has sometimes been described as an R-Rated version of Jon Bellion or Twenty One Pilots. Blending hip-hop, alternative, rock and pop , Marcaux is unafraid to wear his heart on his sleeve and tell his story. Themes dealing with everything from Love, Loss, Self-doubt, substance abuse, as well as a look back at his past and his childhood through nostalgic eyes. Marcaux is known for his exciting and raw live performances , where he brings a ton of energy and a punk rock ethos. Influences range from Eminem to the Bad Brains, which is what helps make Marcaux such a cool and unique artist. Marcaux’s previous EP titled “Cedar Creek ” was very well received with his lead single “Harm” racking up an impressive few million streams with Press outlets like The Fader and Alternative Press taking notice. Marcaux is set to return with a new song “Icing” off his brand new EP titled “Mom, Pick Me Up. I’m Scared” with more details about the release to emerge soon.

Icing is available everywhere here.

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