Marc Oliver Drops New Single, “Outlaw”

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San Diego-based singer, songwriter, and producer, Marc Oliver releases new single, “Outlaw.”
The latest single finds Oliver delving into the past with a nod to his future.

The Pop/R&B artist has been taking the music industry by storm for more than 25 years, touring the world, playing in festivals and sharing the stage with artist’s like Jewel, Pat Benatar, and John Legend.

We caught up with Marc to find out a bit more about him and his music…

Bridge: Tell us a bit about yourself and your sound.

MO: I love doing what I do. Music is fun, gives life and makes the world go round. So I breathe that in and put it back out. I surf, and box, and try to enjoy the moments I have. My sound comes from my home, San Diego. I grew up listening to all kinds of music, old and new. I have a little rock, a bit of hip hop, a dash of R&B and sing it out with a pop charm. haha. I guess that sums it up haha. 

Bridge: Why choose such a risky career like music?

MO: Risk is jumping off of a mountain with no parachute. Risk is not living your life, the life you love, doing the thing that you believe in most. Our lives are made up of how we feel and what we believe in, I have always been so connected with making music, that has always been my career and always will be. Playing, writing, teaching, and just spreading the joy that makes us feel alive. 

Marc Oliver – 2022

Bridge: Where do you find your inspiration?

MO: Life. Everything. I’ve been through so much, as we all do. I find ways to interpret my world, your world and write about those feelings, experiences, and dreams.   

Bridge:Tell us about a career highlight to date..

MO: Wow, well there have been a few. Writing with a mentor of mine, for years, Graham Edwards, from the production company “The Matrix” .. Sharing stages with amazing artists from John Legend to Pat Benatar. Now that I think about it, one of the best things I can remember. I was on stage with my band, at a summer radio festival, playing my songs, and we started playing the song on the radio “Change” and everyone in the crowd, about 10,000 people were singing my song with me. That moment changed my life forever.

Marc Oliver – 2022

Bridge: Tell us all about your new song “Outlaw”

MO: Outlaw was written in the moment. I just jumped up and started playing. Started with the drums, then the guitar and it felt like I wanted to speak out kinda like in a movie, as a narrator speaking behind a scene, to get everyone excited about what is going to happen. And then, I really wanted people to put their hands up high while I’m playing,. so, I wrote it as an outlaw sticking up a bank or something in old western style, kinda like ‘Young guns”.. Then it came to life. 

Bridge: What’s next for you?

MO: I’m going to keep on going. I’m dropping another video and single every 6 weeks. I really want to bring my experiences to everyone. This can be a fun life and through music that’s how I find it. I welcome everyone to jump on with me and see where this ride goes. 

Bridge: Anything else we need to know?

MO: Enjoy what you do. Love your moments, even the bad ones. Keep rocking, and go for it. That’s how I live and I’d love to send that off to everyone, so they can live it too. 

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