Lexi Mariah “Queen Of Broken Hearts” Release Interview

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Connecticut-based recording artist and songwriter Lexi Mariah just released a brand new studio work: Queen of Broken Hearts. This ear-catching new Indie-Pop track channels the unique edge of the artist’s personality, while also retaining a more impactful sound that knows no boundaries.

In addition to showcasing Lexi’s phenomenal chops, Queen of Broken Hearts also feels like a perfect introduction to what this singer-songwriter is more than capable of. Opening with a captivating guitar riff accompanied by a line of euphonious vocal harmonies, the song compares the difficulties of being in a relationship to the perplexing gamble of playing a card game, using a clever storyline of metaphors. While there is definitely a lot of depth to Queen of Broken Hearts, there is also a catchy and timeless element to it, which makes the song broadly appealing and very endearing to Lexi’s consistently expanding audience. The focused nature of the production is a great match with the artist’s vision, and listeners will definitely notice from the second they hit the play button. After receiving support on her previous Dance-Pop tracks “Demons” and “Playlist” from outlets such as EARMILK, Rolling Stone IN and PopWrapped, it is not surprising to hear that Lexi is building a strong following with her music. 

“Queen of Broken Hearts” (2022)

Produced, mixed and mastered by Kenny Cash (Sony, Disney, Nickelodeon, Netflix), the track is available everywhere now.

Bridge: How would you describe your sound to a first-time listener?

LM: Although I feel like my sound does change up a bit with each song that I release, I’d say that overall my sound is energetic alternative indie-pop with a bit of sass. I like to use clever and creative lyrics with metaphors to help my listeners visualize the story I’m telling, and have them be able to feel what I was going through when I wrote these songs. 

Bridge: Tell us the inspiration behind the new track…

LM: I wrote “Queen of Broken Hearts” when I was going through a lot of ups and downs with someone in my life, and they would always try to manipulate me. They wanted to make me feel like I was responsible for the consequences of their own actions. This person left me feeling so confused, and even caused me to question other relationships in my life at the time. I started feeling like relationships are a gamble, like you really never know what you’re getting yourself into when you meet someone new. These thoughts gave me the idea of the card game concept for the song, and I actually love that I was able to express my thoughts with these lyrics in such a creative way. 

Bridge: Can you tell us about the team that worked on the song?

LM: I recorded “Queen of Broken Hearts” at Factory Underground Studio and worked alongside such a fantastic team! Kenny Cash did an incredible job producing, mixing and mastering the song. Julian Gonzalez did a great job as assistant recording engineer and Ben McNamara killed it on guitar for this track. This is the second song I’ve recorded at Factory Underground, and I get more excited for the next project each time!

Lexi Mariah (2022)

Bridge: What do you hope for listeners to take away from “Queen of Broken Hearts”

I’ve already had some people tell me that they can relate to the lyrics, which is incredible and makes me SO happy. Obviously it makes me sad that others have had to go through similar situations, but you get the idea haha! Seriously though, I love when people are able to relate to my songs. If I can help a person through a hard time in their life through my music, I know I’m doing something right. It’s just a great feeling and I hope that this song can continue to reach new audiences who might need to hear it and feel understood. 

Bridge: What’s next for you?

LM: I just want to make and release as much music as I possibly can. I definitely am working towards an EP, but I honestly just love releasing singles! I feel like by releasing singles, I’m able to give more to my audience and keep the excitement level high. I’m not totally sure what the next song is going to be. I’ve been debating between a few, but for right now I’m just loving all the support and excitement for “Queen of Broken Hearts”. 

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