Country Music’s Levi Hummon Continues His Rise To The Top

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Songwriting is in Levi Hummon’s blood.

Born and raised in Nashville, Levi is the son of Marcus Hummon, (one of Nashville’s most prolific GRAMMY-winning songwriters.

In a recent interview with BRIDGE, Levi shared, “Growing up, hearing my dad write so many songs in the house, I didn’t realize the impact it had on me. I was being taught how to write songs without knowing I was being taught to write songs.”

While Levi grew up immersed in country music, his personal taste leaned more on the punk-rock side. The Ramones, The Clash, Weezer, to name a few. “I listened to everything but country music,” he said, “but when I sat down to write, all that came out was country.”

And we’re all damn glad it did.

To date, Levi’s music has amassed more than 200 million streams, a monumental feat when you consider his personal path through the music industry. Early on, Levi signed a record deal and was immediately thrown into the business. “I didn’t really know anything about myself at that point,” he said, “so when I left that record label, I had to do alot of self-discovery.”

Thus began his journey as an independent artist.

Levi shared mixed feelings on approaching music independently, noting the pros and cons of navigating the industry without the covering of a major label. Ultimately, he says, “I would recommend it because it helps you figure out what this whole thing is.” To Levi, being an independent artist means being “independently motivated to find new and unique ways to go about the industry.” And he has done just that.

Levi Hummon (2023)

Around the time when platforms like Spotify and Sirus XM began to take off, Levi’s team was in search of another record deal. However, after realizing the potential of these new platforms, he approached his management with the idea that they release the music themselves. Levi told them, “This is an interesting time, I think we can put music out on these platforms without huge budgets behind them.”

It was that decision and his faithful listeners that he credits with his success in the years following. “My father always told me to keep the quality of the music high and to trust that music finds people that want to hear it,” he shared.

Following that advice, Levi has continued to release hit after hit, finding his own sonic path and collaborating with some incredible artists along the way.

In 2021, Levi went viral with “Paying For It,” his epic collaboration with country sensation Walker Hayes. This release further cemented Hummon’s place as a rising country star. Followed by “For Me,” “Good Riddance,” “Drink On,” and now “Rent Free,” that was released in February, Levi finds himself in high demand for not only his songwriting chops but his authentic melding of his personal rock and country inspirations.

The eclectic artist describes his sound as “90’s rock meets country music meets a lot of songwriter. But hey, that could change tomorrow.” He told BRIDGE, “I’m a songwriter first so everything I do stems from that.”

Songwriter, yes, but also one hell of an entertainer.

Levi carefully curates his live shows to make sure the audience has what he calls, “a bumping good time.” Passionately motivated by his own love of live shows, the “Rent Free” singer in unafraid to take risks.

In fact, there is a running joke within his team about his bend towards trying out new material. “My team always jokes that “Levi likes warm cookies,” he says, “They say that I like songs that are fresh out of the oven and still warm. I love to try out new stuff at every one of my shows to get an honest reaction from the crowd.”

It is that dedication and risk-taking spirit that will no doubt carry Levi Hummon straight to the top. “I want to sell out arenas,” he tells BRIDGE.

To us, it’s only a matter of time.

Follow Levi on social media @levihummon and check him out in Napa Valley on April 25-27th where he will be performing at Live In The Vineyard Goes Country.

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