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Billie Eilish Celebrates Unintentional “Coming Out” at Variety’s Hitmakers Event

In a surprise revelation at Variety's Hitmakers event, Billie Eilish confirmed what some fans might have suspected: she's attracted...

London singer/songwriter, LAYKS, wants his fans to feel seen and heard.

Bridge: Hey there! Thanks for chatting with us!

Let’s start by having you tell the readers who you are…

S: Hi! My name is Sam James Martin, I’m a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from London and my music alias is LAYKS.

Bridge: Awesome! You know I’ve been super curious, what is the story behind your name?

L: So I was releasing music under my own name with Warner Music for about three years which was so much fun, i’m eternally grateful for everything that music gave me and all of the experiences it afforded me, then in 2019 I flew to Los Angeles completely alone and met a friend of mine out there and we started recording all of this new music with so many new elements incorporated into it. I grew up a guitar player and a singer and I was suddenly diving into all of these new ideas and when I got home I thought “I want to release this under a different name”- it wouldn’t have felt genuine if I just put my name to it, so LAYKS was born. I wanted something super minimal and memorable for the name and thats where it came from.

Bridge: It sounds like you have had an incredible journey so far!

Who are you main musical influences?

L: I think I’m inspired by more or less everything I hear in some regard. i grew up listening to amazing singers and guitarists like Hendrix and Clapton, but then also listened to artists like Joni Mitchell and Jeff Buckley who inspired my writing a lot. I’ve always had an affinity for 80’s pop so i think i wanted LAYKS to combine everything i love about instrumentation with the infectious nature of pop.

Bridge: How would you describe your sound?

L: I think it’s pretty dreamy, it’s very nostalgic and hopeful. The other day someone described us as “colourful” which I love so much! I always had this idea of LAYKS being good for every point of the day. I have songs that feel like sunrises and other feel like a sunset. I kind of like that! It gives me so much to play at shows and I’d say our sound is very human. I just want people to dance, smile, laugh and maybe cry a little (happy tears obviously) so I wanted it to be pop music that makes you feel good.

Bridge: Sunrises and sunsets? I think that is the most beautiful description of music we’ve ever heard here at Bridge!

Have you ever considered pursuing anything other than music?

L: When I was a kid I was convinced that Boba Fett from Star Wars was a real person so I really wanted to do that for a spell (laughs.) But no honestly, it’s always been music. it’s my everything. It’s my day in and day out, it’s in my family and my blood. I don’t think I would know how to do anything else all the time. With that said, I think just creatively speaking I’ve always been a little bit of a scatterbrain, O love fashion and clothes and style and for a little bit of time I worked at Ralph Lauren and Gucci in this little place near my hometown. So maybe somewhere in an alternate world there’s a Sam who’s the head of a brand or something. Maybe I’ll do that as well, who knows!?

Bridge: (Laughs) Maybe so! The sky is the limit for you it seems!

You describe you music to us but what do you want your fans to get out of your music?

L: To feel seen and heard. To feel as amazing as I feel when I listen to something that speaks to me. There is so much I always want to say about this because my fans and the people who listen to me are the reason I do all of this. It’s my life and I just want people to get anything they can from the music. Whether it’s laughing, dancing or crying, I’m happy with it all!

Bridge: I can’t imagine people wanting anything else but to be seen and heard. I know I want that desperately some days. I love that you are cognizant of that and care about your listeners enough to desire it!

Let’s get a little more technical, What are you goals for your music in 2021?

L: Just more of everything. More shows, more music and more people seeing it all! I have toured pretty much full time since I was 19 so to have a year without shows is heartbreaking. I’m so happy to be abe to announce some dates again, we’ve got a lot to make up for!

Bridge: Speaking of dates, do you have any definite shows coming up?

L: We have about nine booked up until the end of the year, a couple of festivals and some headline shows in London too!

Bridge: Yet another reason for me to visit London!

Here’s a fun question, which one of your songs would you say is your favorite?

L: I think “Walk Away” is my favourite so far! It’s such a powerful chorus and I can kind of imagine a stadium of people singing that one. Also lyrically it’s just so conversational and maybe a little bit heartbreaking but in a good way!

Bridge: “Heartbreaking but in a good way” – I’ll have to think on that one (laughs

And the very telling ending question! If you had to pick one song to be the soundtrack of your life, what would it be?

L: Tears For Fears – Everybody Wants To Rule The World

Be sure to connect with LAYKS on social media and stay up to date on his latest tunes, tours and shows below!

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