Latrell YT Releases New Single, “Never Had”

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Artist Latrell YT has made a name for himself across the internet for his hit single “Never Had.” He then followed up with yet another hit, “Ain’t Gotta Worry,” that traversed the airwaves, made its way across the internet and to radio stations all over the country. 

Recently, we were given the opportunity to catch up with the talented trap-soul artist to get some insight on his latest single “Mean Sex”  that dropped March 13, 2022…

Bridge: So tell us what made you come up with such a catchy song? And how long did it take for this song to be crafted?

LYT: “Well to be honest this song actually took me about maybe 15 mins to actually come up with this song and lay it down on the track, I mean really I was in a mood and decided to freestyle the song off feelings and experience that I had with a female recently lol an I mean I was just in that vibe doing that time to release this song. But this song is Out Now on all Platforms so make sure everyone that’s tuned in check that out.”

Bridge: Tell me a little bit about yourself? What would you like people to know?

 LYT: “ I mean to be honest I’m a straightforward person ya know, I rather people know that I don’t try to be something that I am not and that when it comes to standing on my business I STAND!

Bridge: Who inspired you to perform/be an entertainer? 

LYT: “Yeah so watching Bryson Tiller, Chris Brown, August Alsina, King Von & Juice Wrld would be the people who gave me that  fire to perform”

Listen to “Never Had”

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