Larkin Poe Releases New Single “Strike Gold” From Upcoming Album “Blood Harmony”

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Let me start out by saying I am extremely biased towards anything Larkin Poe releases. I’m an Appalachian girl with a history of hardship and a non-traditional voice. So I’m sure you can understand my affinity for their work.

But even if I wasn’t…I’m not sure I could fangirl any less.

In recent years, Larkin Poe (sisters Megan and Rebecca Lovell) have raised the blues bar to dizzying heights for females and males alike. Their raw talent screams both “God-given” and by-the-sweat-of-their-brow hard work and dedication to their musical craft. There is no one else like Larkin Poe and while it took the world a little while to realize that, they are now beginning to get the credit they overwhelmingly deserve.

Their latest single, Strike Gold does just that.

Strike Gold rips with mood-setting guitar riffs you’ll have stuck in your head for days as the girls place their effortless vocals as garnishes on the gritty, melodic meal they’ve prepared.

The single is preceded by Georgia Off My Mind, Bad Spell, and Blood Harmony, the title track to the full album releasing November 11th.

Rebecca said, “After years of being out on the road, this song feels emotionally anthemic. Shoutout to all the good souls out there who keep showing up for their dreams, even when the goin’ gets tough.”

Check out Strike Gold, available everywhere now.

Strike Gold (Official Music Video)

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