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Multi-platinum American music producer, Kyle Stemberger, strives to bring the best out of every artist he works with…

Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, this 21 year old phenom has produced for Lil Wayne, Trippie Redd, Jorja Smith, Lil Baby, Burna Boy, and many others.

We sat down with Stemberger to get to know the man behind the music.

Bridge: You’ve produced for some major talents, what is your main goal when producing for act like these?

KS: My main goal is to make the best music that we can. I always try to bring the best out of artists when I’m working with them, and I try to give them something they can’t go and get from any other producer.

Bridge: I love your heart in that, to draw out the gifts from the artists!

What would you say has been your favorite project you’ve produced to date?

KS: I’d have to say the song “Be Honest” by Jorja Smith and Burna Boy. I made the original idea for “Be Honest” a couple of years ago when I was just coming up with some guitar melodies at my house. I recorded the guitar, and then I hummed a lead melody over the guitar I recorded. I was planning on replaying the lead melody I hummed on a different guitar/sound, but I ended up just leaving the humming and pitching it up some. When I originally made that idea, I was thinking a melodic rapper like Trippie Redd or Polo G would sound cool on it, but long story short, it somehow ended up in the hands of Cadenza, the other producer on the track. He and Jorja took the idea in a completely different route than I imagined, and it worked perfect. It’s cool because there’s all these different musicians, from different parts of the world, who grew up in different cultures with different musical influences, and we all put our own touch on the record and it ended up being an amazing song.

Bridge: This song is incredible! And over 75 MILLION views, are you kidding me?! And to know it all started with you humming some melodies at your house! Damn.

Okay, so do you have any projects in the works that you can tell us about?

KS: I’ve been working on a ton of new music recently. I’ve mainly been working on a lot of stuff with my friends and a bunch of writers and producers from my publishing company, Prescription Songs. I have a single with Trevor Daniel coming out soon and a few other songs, you’ll just have to wait and see. Keep an eye out.

Bridge: We will be doing just that.

I’m curious to know, what producers do you look up to in the industry?

KS: As of recently, I’ve been looking up to Louis Bell, Frank Dukes, and producers who really molded the pop-rap crossover sound. When I first started, I was taking inspiration from most of the producers that were working with all the artists that were coming out of Atlanta, like Metro Boomin, Zaytoven, Pierre Bourne, Southside, etc.

Bridge: Those are some powerhouses. There really is something so consistently fresh that comes out of Atlanta.

I know you have to go but one last question: If you had to send a listener to one project that you feel represents you the best, what would it be?

KS: Honestly I have no clue, I feel like a song that really represents by strengths as a musician & producer hasn’t came out yet. If I had to say, I’d probably say Be Honest by Jorja Smith. Again, that was my first step to expanding outside of just rap music.

Bridge: That’s what we like to hear…the best is yet to come! Thanks so much for taking the time to talk with us, we’ll be keeping an eye out for those new projects!

Keep up with Kyle on Instagram and check out his full list of credits below!

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