Kurt Rosenberg: A Celtic Musician With Oregon Roots

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Kurt Rosenberg maintains strong American roots. He notes: “Other than college, and stints in Bath, England and San Diego, I have lived in Portland all of my life.” Although he has strong roots in American, or more specifically in Oregon, he continues to emphasize Western European culture through his music.

Celtic music refers to the traditional sounds of Western Europe. While most of Western Europe is represented in the Celtic genre, Kurt Roseberg mainly focuses on more Irish and Scottish based sounds. 

kurt rosenburg celtic musician

Though Rosenberg was attracted to all genres of music at an early age, he was specifically inspired by the Celtic genre. He notes the reason for his initial interest in this genre, sparked by his listening to a  particularly popular Celtic-based song. Rosenberg remembers this pivotal moment in his musical past: “And when I heard ‘Harry’s Game’ by Clannad, my love affair with Celtic Music began in earnest. Now, I have been composing Scottish/Irish Music for over 25 years.”

Recently, Kurt has been continually recognized for the release of his song “Highland Home.” This stands as Kurt’s ode to the Scottish Highlands and Islands. His visit to the Brodrick Castle stood as inspiration for this song. 

Kurt recalls: “When my brother told one of the guides that I played piano, I was invited to play some of my original music in Lady Hamilton’s Drawing Room. After I was done playing, the whole castle erupted into applause. Upon returning home, and inspired by that visit, I sat down and composed the Highland Home song melody.”

Kurt continues, “Several years later, I wrote the lyrics. Highland Home is my love-letter to Scotland. But, it is also about longing to get back home, to return to a place that fulfills us and brings us joy. I hope that people, no matter where they are from, will feel the universal calling of a place called ‘home.’”

kurt rosenburg celtic musician

This song has continued to increase in popularity, so much so that it has even led to the creation of an entire film inspired by this composition. This film, aptly named Highland Home, is, according to its website, “a poignant tale of longing and loss… revealed when a timeworn journal transports a young girl to a place of enchanting wonders.”

This film, directed by Dan Schaefer, has garnered intense attention from audiences worldwide. Several awards have been given to the film for its beautiful artistry and carefully composed script. Additionally, many festivals have come to recognize this movie and implemented it into their setlists.

Kurt says of Highland home: “The film was selected to screen at several prestigious festivals including the Cleveland International Film Festival, The Oxford Short Film Festival, and by the World-Fest Houston International Film Festival.”

In terms of awards that the film has collected, Kurt discusses, “Awards won included a Platinum Remi Award from World-Fest, a Director’s Choice Award at Santa Barbara’s International Fine Arts Film Festival, and the Best Music Video Award at Bath’s Jane Austen International Film Festival.”

Kurt talks of an award of particular significance to him: “Because I am working to improve my lyrics, I was pleased to receive the Winner for Best Lyrics Award at the International Music Video Awards (London, England).”

As Kurt’s music career continues to develop, one can only expect an increase in both his following and number of incredible compositions. As a musician dedicated to his craft, Kurt is excited to make more music and reach wider audiences.

Kurt largely utilizes his social platforms to communicate with followers, specifically about his upcoming projects and notable milestones.

To stay up to date with Kurt’s latest projects, follow him on Twitter @KRosenbergMusic.

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