Kenny Hada & The Others Release New Single, “Hair Trigger”

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Austin, Texas-based band Kenny Hada & The Others released their new single “Hair Trigger,” a sneak peek off their upcoming LP Love Deluge scheduled to be out on March 18th, 2022.

“Hair Trigger” is a balanced blend of indie, rock, and grunge that features vivid riffs marrying emotional progressions with polished vocals, rooted in a driving pattern and dense, sliding tunes. The track is simultaneously soothing, and groovy, and deeply poetic as Kenny Hada & The Others shares their story. Through out the new single, the group keep fast tempos, loud yet steady instrumentals that channel their vivid creativity, and musical influences. 

As their bio explain, the band was formed during pandemic, and each of their released mirrors their own experiences and emotions: They bring a heavy handed take on what they describe their music as, “Alternative Blues.” During the pandemic, Hada began writing songs reflecting the ever-shifting emotions that became synonymous with quarantine life. Those emotions coupled with the birth of his first child, found their way into the lyrics and style of the music Kenny was writing. After a year of writing, revising and rehearsing the new material with Navarrete, the band is releasing their first full length album.

Aggressive yet smooth, soothing yet unapologetic and raw, Kenny Hada & The Others is there to stay! Stream “Hair Trigger” below, and make sure to follow the group on Instagram to stay up to date with their upcoming releases.

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