Keenan Noir Kelly Of Krude Films Is Making Waves In The Industry

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In an industry where singers and songwriters get the spotlight, we love to feature the other members of the music machine that make it run. Keenan Noir Kelly is a 32-year-old award-winning video director born and raised in Chicago. He first made his way into the entertainment world shooting music videos, bringing the stories of songs to the screen for many artists.

Keenan has made a name for himself on the festival circuit, winning at such festivals as the Independent Shorts Awards, Delta International Film Festival and the Robinson Films Awards, just to name a few.

Courtesy of Krude Films

The director comes from humble beginnings, starting his career shooting vlogs for the ubran clothing line, Saklife and from there made his way into the entertainment industry when his cousin, the artist known as “CRESTISMUZIK” asked him to shoot his first official music video. It was that project that lead to Keenan to continue shooting music videos, working with artists from all genres and walks of life.

We asked Keenan a couple questions in a recent interview to get to know more about the man behind the camera…

Bridge: How long have you been shooting?

KNK: I have been making videos for about five years now.

Bridge: What first inspired you to get into this business?

KNK: What inspired me to start shooting videos was Azae who was at that time one of the main video directors working alongside some of the greatest to come out of Chicago such as Chief Keef and Lil Durk.

Bridge: Where do you find inspiration for your work?

KNK: I find inspiration just from everyday life experiences of others and my own. I like for my work to be something people can relate to.

Bridge: What projects are you currently working on?

KNK:I currently have a new music video in the works with upcoming Chicago talented artist CrestIsMuzik for his single “I Need You”.

Bridge: Do you have any new work out right now?

KNK: Currently my most recent video released is CrestIsMuzik- Show Me You Love Me out on VEVO.

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