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For JonPaul Wallace, going viral was only the beginning…

The Michigan native made an impact online by performing his rendition of “7 Years” at his High School Graduation.

Bridge: Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with us! Go ahead and tell us who you are and what you’re about!

JPW: My name is JonPaul Wallace. I am a contemporary pop singer-songwriter from Michigan.

Bridge: How would you describe your music?

JPW: My original music, and this new project in particular, is Motown soul and embedded in a contemporary pop sound. 

Bridge: And how would you say it differs from other artists in your genre?

JPW: Vocal production is at the forefront of this project, with loads of vocal stacks and harmonies in each song. Our goal was to use an abundance of vocal harmonies combined with upbeat and modern production to stand out among today’s pop artists. 

Bridge: I’m a sucker for some good harmonies!

I read your career got it’s start from a video of you singing at your High School graduation that went viral! What was that like??

JPW: That was a crazy summer for me to say the least! I was unaware that my performance was even captured on video until I saw it online with hundreds of thousands of views. My only intention in writing those lyrics and singing it to my classmates was to try to capture what we were all feeling at the end of that chapter of our lives. I had no idea what would come next, and it was such a fun ride. I am positive that none of it would have happened without the support of my classmates, teachers, and school administrators.

Bridge: It’s so interesting how our lives can change in an instant like that! The wonders of the internet (laughs)

Where do you draw your inspiration from as a songwriter?

JPW:In my personal life, I spend a lot of time and energy focusing on self awareness and reflection; understanding what I’m feeling, why I’m feeling that way, and what things affect my mood and emotions. I think a lot of my inspiration in songwriting is rooted in understanding my own emotions and reflecting on my own experiences.

Bridge: You sound like a very introspective, self-aware individual!

And I’m sure we hear a lot of that in your new self-titled EP that is out now! Can you tell us more about that project?

JPW: Unlike most of the music I have released in the past, this project is centered around being upbeat and energetic. Going into this project, we knew we wanted to end up with something that was fun to dance and sing to. It was so fun to make this project and I spent a lot of time dancing along to these songs in the studio and in my car throughout the creation process (and I’m glad nobody could see that because I can NOT dance).

Bridge: (Laughs) Don’t worry, I can’t either!

The song “Here We Go” sounds like it could be an anthem for a sports team! Did you have any teams in mind when you were writing that?

JPW: First of all, thank you! Being from Michigan, I am a huge fan of the Detroit Tigers, Lions, Pistons, and Red Wings. Since making the first draft of “Here We Go,” I always pictured it being used in a hype video for any of our Detroit teams. I think it would be especially cool as the anthem for the Detroit Lions!

Bridge: I can absolutely picture that! They’d be wise to use it from a hometown artist!

What goals do you have for your music career in the next couple of years?

JPW: I had the opportunity to work with some talented musicians and producers on this project, Frankie Jason Turner,Paul Morris, Kyle Sherwood, and MVC MOWL. I want to continue to collaborate with more people over the next couple of years. Especially since the pandemic shut everything down, I am still getting back into the rhythm of cowriting and working with new people. Whether it be writing with another artist for their projects or for mine, or working with new producers and engineers, I just want to meet and work with more people!

Bridge: I love that! But you’re right, Covid really affected this industry in a way that I don’t think anyone thought was possible. It always seemed like an unshakeable industry. But, it’s been inspiring to see how everyone has adapted!

We gotta know, where can we see you live?

JPW: I post all my upcoming shows on my social media, so you can follow me on Instagram (@jonpaulwallace), Twitter (@jonpaulwallace), or Facebook (@jonpaulwallaceofficial) to get the regular updates! My next live performance is Saturday, September 18th at Motor City Pride Festival on the Pyramid Stage at 6:45! I’ll be playing a lot of the songs off the new EP as well as some more unreleased music.

Bridge: If you could pick any artist to write a song with, who would it be?

JPW: I have a hefty list of dream collaborations but I think Tyler, The Creator tops my list. He is so brilliant when it comes to the intricacies of writing, producing, and arranging songs and projects.

Follow the latest on JonPaul on social media and check out his new, self-titled EP out now!

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