Joe Jonas Files For Divorce From Sophie Turner, Marriage Is “Irretrievably Broken”

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Singer Joe Jonas has initiated divorce proceedings from his wife, actor Sophie Turner, saying their marriage is “irretrievably broken.”

The divorce petition, which has come to public attention, was filed in Miami-Dade County, Florida, where the couple recently sold their residence. In the legal filing, Jonas also expressed the belief that shared parental responsibility would be in the best interest of their two children.

Spokespersons for both Jonas and Turner have not responded to requests for comment at this time.

Jonas and Turner had previously agreed to a prenuptial agreement in April 2019, a matter Jonas seeks to uphold in court, as reported by The Wall Street Journal. Subsequently, they managed to sell their Miami property for $15 million in August, following several months on the market.

Reports of a strain in the relationship between Jonas, the pop sensation, and Turner, the star of “Game of Thrones,” initially surfaced over a recent holiday weekend. This revelation led to surprise among their fan base, as the couple had typically maintained a low profile regarding their relationship, even though their social media and public appearances suggested a harmonious union.

Turner was recently spotted accompanying Jonas at the launch of the Jonas Brothers’ tour at Yankee Stadium, and observant fans noted that Jonas continued to wear his wedding ring during an onstage performance in Austin, Texas, despite the rumors of their separation.

The couple’s journey began with an impromptu wedding in Las Vegas in 2019, followed by a more intimate ceremony a month later at Château de Tourreau in the south of France. Their first child, a daughter named Willa, was born in July 2020, with their second child arriving two years later.

Turner revealed in an interview on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” last year that she sensed her destiny with Jonas from their initial meeting in 2016, sharing, “We went out and we hung out at a bar with, like, all my friends and all his friends, and they all came back to my apartment, and we had drinks after. I remember him leaving, and I just… I wept to my brother, ‘I love this man so much.'”

In the documentary “Chasing Happiness,” Jonas reflected on how his relationship with Turner transformed him as an individual. He acknowledged that their love story also offered him insight into his older brother, Kevin, who had fallen in love and married at a young age. Jonas expressed, “The impact of falling in love has made me want to be a better man, a better person, and ultimately made me a better brother.”

As public figures and parents, Jonas and Turner have made concerted efforts to safeguard their children’s privacy. They have refrained from disclosing their second child’s name and have refrained from posting images of their children on social media platforms.

In May, Turner accidentally shared a video of her daughter on an Instagram story, which she promptly deleted, urging anyone who had saved the clip to remove it. She stated, “We have always advocated for our kids’ right to privacy, so sharing this publicly is against anything I stand for. Our children deserve the right to grow up out of the public eye, to learn and grow in private.”

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