Jason Derulo Sued for Allegedly Demanding Sex in Exchange for Record Deal

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Emaza Gibson’s excitement knew no bounds when she received a life-changing offer from superstar Jason Derulo. This offer marked the culmination of years of relentless dedication and hard work. However, the dream deal soon turned into a nightmare for Gibson as she allegedly faced unsettling challenges that she had never encountered before, including aggressive behavior, unwelcome advances, insinuations that she needed to engage in sexual acts to advance her career, and concerns for her personal safety.

A Dream Turned Nightmare

In an exclusive interview with NBC News, Gibson shared her emotional turmoil, stating, “I’m at this point in my life right now, it’s very heartbreaking. I have anxiety; I’m traumatized. I’ve dealt with inhumane work situations. … I’m at this point where I’m back to zero and I have nothing.”

In a legal move, Gibson filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles County Superior Court against Jason Derulo, alleging quid pro quo sexual harassment. However, Derulo’s representative has not yet responded to the allegations. In response, Derulo posted a video on Instagram, vehemently denying the claims and expressing his commitment to combatting harassment.

Emaza’s Pursuit of Stardom

Emaza Gibson’s journey to stardom began in 2008 when she relocated to Los Angeles with her sisters in pursuit of their dreams. Together, they formed the musical act Ceraadi and cultivated a YouTube channel with over 1.25 million subscribers. While her sisters opted out of the music scene, Gibson continued to forge ahead, creating viral dance videos and nurturing aspirations of launching a solo career.

The Ill-Fated Deal

Before the unfortunate turn of events, Jason Derulo recognized Ceraadi and invited the group for a work session. In August 2021, Derulo reached out to Gibson as a solo artist for a joint venture between his music label, Future History, and Atlantic Records. The deal outlined that Gibson would produce a mixtape within four months and an album within six.

An Uncomfortable Work Environment

Gibson’s contract also stipulated that she collaborate on a single with Derulo. As they embarked on their creative journey, Derulo frequently invited her to drinks and dinners, which she initially declined to maintain professionalism. However, he persisted and even attempted to involve alcohol during studio sessions. In September 2021, Gibson reluctantly agreed to have a drink with Derulo in the studio but was allegedly pressured into consuming an excessive amount of alcohol.

Unveiling Disturbing Demands

Things took a darker turn in November 2021 when Gibson refused to compromise her morals for success. She claims Derulo responded by suggesting she might have to take part in unsettling rituals involving “goat skin and fish scales,” which she later discovered to be linked to sex and bizarre rituals.

Allegations of Aggressive Behavior

Gibson’s journey took her to New York City in November 2021 for a meeting with Atlantic Records executives. Just before the meeting, Derulo introduced another woman named Rosa, implying an intimate connection. During the meeting, Derulo showcased Rosa’s music, leaving Gibson feeling that her career progress was linked to her relationship with Derulo.

A Swift Downfall

Following a heated confrontation during a recording session at Derulo’s Malibu home in June 2022, Gibson’s association with Derulo came to an abrupt end. She feared for her safety as Derulo aggressively berated her. Attempts to address the issue with Derulo’s manager were met with disappointment.

Seeking Justice

In July 2022, Gibson reached out to an A&R executive at Atlantic Records, who acknowledged Derulo’s behavior but expressed reluctance to support her, leading to her eventual removal from Atlantic Records and Future History.

Emaza Gibson’s lawsuit against Jason Derulo, his imprint, and Atlantic Records includes allegations of sexual harassment, retaliation, breach of contract, failure to address workplace harassment, and violation of California’s civil rights act. The lawsuit seeks unpaid wages, loss of earnings, deferred compensation, emotional distress damages, and more.

Emaza Gibson’s story sheds light on the challenges faced by aspiring artists in the entertainment industry and the importance of standing up against harassment and injustice.

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