Jake Owen Makes TikTok Debut With Hilarious New Video

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Everybody’s favorite country star Jake Owen is now on TikTok and we may need to send help!

The “Up There Down Here” singer made his debut on the short form video platform in a hilarious clip where he is being held hostage, delivering a message from his captor’s cue-cards.

“Hi, my name is Jake Owen. I’m now on the TikTok. I am doing this in my own volition. I promise, no one is making me do this, or forcing me.”

We don’t believe you.

Here’s the thing, Mr. Owen. We are ignoring your silent pleas for mercy and are agreeing with your captors, cause we’re damn glad you’re here!

Check out the full video:


Hi, i’m jakE owen. foLlow my tiktok Please.

♬ original sound – Jake Owen

Owen’s upcoming “My Boots Miss Yours” drops tomorrow so let’s all welcome him with some good, ole fashion duets and TT love.

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