J.T. Hiskey Details The Meaning of “You’re My World”

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Almost 5 years ago, Utah native J.T. Hiskey released his official music video for his song “You’re My World” that ended up going viral and being spread across the internet. Now, J.T. Hiskey is back with a pop punk version of his so called “classic” and is ready for the world to hear his new sound and improvements. 

“This song will always mean so much to me. This song really changed my life in the most positive ways, and I will forever be thankful for it. I have so many memories that are attached to this song. Literally every where I go, someone says to me you’re my world JT” he told us. 

This is all true. You’re My World is the proclaimed song that caught a lot of eyes for J.T. and his musical career. We went on to ask him what the meaning behind it is, and how it even came about. 

“Well, I originally made this song in acapella with no instruments or anything, back when I was only sixteen years old. At the time, I had no idea that it would be heard and this is way before I was doing shows or even had a following. Years later after I started getting some what of a buzz in my hometown in Utah, I re-created this  song in an acoustic format. I then had the opportunity to record the official music video for it with a close friend of mine who is insanely talented with video production and editing. We ended up shooting the video and dropping it obviously on the internet, and the song kind of went off from there. A song that will never be forgotten, and has had a huge impact on many of these kids and adults lives.” 

We can see the impact that he was telling us. We went on to ask him about who this song is actually about. 

“The song is actually about anyone. It’s meant to be a love song that anyone can dedicate to their partner. I did have someone in mind when I originally made it, but as of right now, You’re My World is a song full and dedicated to art of love.” 

The newer version of You’re My World is filled with shard fitting sounds with an electric guitar and drums that are behind it, and a much more mature voice from Hiskey. 

You can check out You’re My World Pop Punk version that is now available on all streaming services right here: 

Photo Credit: Tyler Allred

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