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Breakout artist, Carameladora, who hails from Bucharest, began making music in 2019 when she first learned how to use a DAW. For readers that don’t know, a DAW stands for “Digital Audio Workstation.” A music production program that allows users to record audio on a personal computer.

She then began to experiment with sounds, dreaming of the day she would make her own music. It was then she discovered the beauty of self expression through music. Despite the fear that often accompanies artists when decided to show their work to the world, she released her first singles in 2021.

She says “My music, my paintings and drawings are pieces of me. They are forms of self expression I use to describe the important moments that I see in life.”

As she continues to release her music, she finds nature plays a large role in inspiring her music. From roses, to the sea breeze, the song of birds to the seaside, she takes it all in. As a self-described “dreamer” she finds inspiration all around her.

Her latest release, “Traces” is about the traces we all leave behind. The artist was inspired by the Albert Schweitzer quote “The only thing of importance when we depart, will be the traces of love we have left behind.” It is that depth of inspiration that translates to the beauty of her music. Her intentions are pure as the driven snow. When we asked her what she would like her listeners to take away from her music, she said, “My intention is to create music that would facilitate good thoughts and feelings. Music that would change us for the better.” You will be hard pressed to find intention so pure in the often greed-driven music industry. She hopes for her listeners to let go of their struggle and ultimately, to find inner peace.

You would be surprised to know, music is a hobby that Carameladora discovered later in life, at 47 years old. By trade, she is a researcher and visual artist. However, now that she has had a taste of making music, she says “There is no escape for me, I cannot stop making music.”

We are thankful for her discovery of self-expression through music and look forward to many more releases in the coming year.

Interesting Fact: We love to ask artists questions to get to know them. When we asked the Bucharest artist what her favorite song was, she chose a song that moves her deeply. One that she enjoys singing as well, “Vincent (Starry, Starry Night)” by Don McLean

Check out Carameladora on all digital streaming platforms and be sure to follow her on her socials below!

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