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Meet Bahar: A beautiful, talented and charming singer from Germany.

In 2006, the Turkish beauty conquered the hearts of millions by winning the German singing contest called. “Popstars”. It was clear throughout the show that Bahar was one of leading contestants among the judges and favorite among the fans. This victory has earned Bahar her rightful spot in the girlband. “Monrose”. This band was a major success right from the beginning with their debut single “ Shame” going platinum in Germany. The singing trio continued their winning streak with hits like “ Strictly Physical “ and “ Hot Summer”.

In 2015, Bahar has released her first solo album titled Bullets of Love. This album is filled with soulful ballads and party anthems. We would say that this album is like a box of chocolates, every song being different and tasty.

The next step for Bahar was a smooth transition from singing in English to singing in German. As an artist, Bahar loves to experiment and her music reflects that. The singer has dropped several German singles, showing a different side of herself each time. Although her work is eclectic you will always recognize her delightful and powerful voice.

Make sure to check out her latest releases “Flieder” and “ Genug”.

To stay in the loop, follow Bahar on her socials.

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