Interview With Albanian Singer, Songwriter And Fashion Designer, Ibro Deli

Albanian singer/songwriter and fashion designer IBRO DELI, was born and raised in Prishtina, Kosovo.

The 24 year old artist has a tendency to mix genres such as Hip-Hop, Afro, Dancehall and Trap. When we asked him about his wide range of musical styles, he said, “I define nothing,” as he is determines to always explores the bounds of music.

In addition to music, Ibro has made a name for himself in fashion modeling. He brings that unique style over into his music, truly establishing himself as an artist in any medium.

Kosovo, the youngest country in Europe predominately known for political disputes in the past, has seen the rise of the youth artist in recent years, thereby becoming the birthplace of stars including Rita Ora, Dua Lipa, Era Istrefi, Bebe Rexha and more.

The music and fashion scenes have experienced exponential growth in recent years due to the lower than average age of 25 years old in the most populated city of Prishtina.

We sat down with Ibro to get to know more about him and his music…

Bridge: Tell us about yourself as an artist…

ID: Hey! I’m Ibro Deli, a 24 years old artist from Kosovo, a small place in eastern Europe. Growing up has never been easy. There is always high tide and low tide. The only things that matters is how I define my problems with solving them and every time I succeed in approaching those problems I became a new person. I think that maybe this is how I get inspired.

Bridge: What about your life inspires you the most to make music?

ID: Like I always say, I want to express not impress. We all have stories to tell. Moments that ignited our artistic flame, change the direction of our practice or hooked us for good. These moments that bring up the most emotion from us, are also often the most engaging narratives for our audience. I want my listeners to feel more than a sound.

Bridge: What do you want your listeners to feel?

ID: My sound is collection of genres that I love ; Afro, Techno, Hip-Hop, Dancehall. I always tend to mix them in my way or how I feel and perceive.

Bridge: What are some major goals you have for your career?

ID: I still dream to perform on a big stage with thousands of people. All the lights, the emotions, can’t really imagine. I’m having goosebumps right now.

Bridge: What projects are you working on right now?

ID: Since the last projects were so differently from each other in genres and everything. Right now I’m all about the dancing, merging Techno with Hip Hop in a special way.

L.D. Brandon
L.D. Brandon
L.D. Brandon is the Assistant Editor for Bridge Music Magazine. He is based in Dallas, Texas.

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