International Singer, Award-Winning Songwriter, And Film Maker Kim Cameron, Does It All

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Kim Cameron and her collective international players Side FX is a high-energy, 2-time Top 20 Billboard chart-topping deep house sound with placements on Billboard Dance Club, Hot AC, AC, CMJ, AAA, DJ Times, FMQB music charts.  

International Singer

Kim Cameron, who performed twice for the NFL (Giants, Redskins) to over 75,000, performed for the National League (Marlins Baseball), toured across the U.S., Caribbean & across Europe and China. She was also asked to perform at the Xiamen Music Festival in China, receiving an International Exchange Award being the only female asked to perform.

Award winning Songwriter

 American Songwriting Award, Best Female Emerging Artist of the Year, Album of the Year, Best Live Performance, Semi-Finalists Song of the Year, Best Dance Song, & numerous music video awards, just to name a fewYou can hear her in stores across the globe, on radio & TV (Hulu, Amazon VOD, Bravo, CMTV, Fox Sports, MTV, Discovery, Disney, MUN2).


Kim was an award winner for her musical ‘Her Story‘ by the New York Screenplay, as well as, the Amsterdam Film Festival.  Her first short film ‘Carpe Musicam’ was selected for the Flickfair Film Festival and distributed on Amazon. She is also the Screenwriter, Director, and Producer for a full-length animated feature film ‘Seaper Powers‘ which has earned +30 awards for Best Soundtrack, Best Screenplay, Best Female Director, Best Trailer, and Best Animated Feature.


Kim began her Broadcast Journalism major as a radio personality for an FM station, and then moved over to writing for  the National Examiner and the Smithsonian.  She is the author of a children’s book series called Seaper Powers, which has won several literary awards.

Bridge: Please describe to our audience how you came about on the music scene?

KC: I really have always been ‘into’ music from clarinet lessons at the age of 5 until now.  But, I started my original project and entertainment label in 2008.  And, have never looked back. Best decision of my life.

Bridge: What are you doing to push a positive narrative as an artist and with your music?

KC: I am all about focusing on positive vibes.  It’s very difficult for me to stay sad, unhappy or mad at anything or anyone. I hope people feel that in my music.  I honestly believe my job is to make people smile or laugh, or just dance. 

Bridge: Are there any rituals you have developed over the years that are helpful to your music making process?

KC: Waking up early with my kitten and watching the sunrise over the ocean.  It brings me joy and makes me smile every morning. Even if there is a storm on the water, it brings me such content happiness.  Nothing better than watching the oceans light up.

Bridge: Could you talk about an UP you had in your career?

KC: Oh, I have had so many, I feel very lucky and blessed.  My most recent was selling my first animated feature film to Dove as a Dove Original Film.  I have also had numerous performance opportunities that have been a dream.  One, several years ago, was a 4 week tour in the Caribbean. Talk about a fun tour….

Bridge: Could you talk about a DOWN you had in your career?

KC: The start of my original project was a bit tough.  I did not get the support I had hoped for and it cost me what I thought were good friends of mine.  I had some unfortunate business relations with gold diggers and a lot of scammy promotional folks.   Yes, there are all out there trying to promise things they have no business promising.   So, watch out!

Bridge: How do you think your experience has helped you shape your career and approach your music? 

KC: I have definitely gotten smarter from all of my experiences.  I mean, let’s hope so. I try to avoid making the same mistakes twice….although, I have made the same mistakes twice….urgh.   But, I keep trying to learn learn learn learn.  So much to learn, so much to do.

Bridge: How did you develop your community of fans over the years? 

KC: I hope I have a community of fans!  I guess I am honest with them.  I am not pretending to be someone other than myself.  Plus, I try to write good music!

Bridge: Talk to us about your latest single. What was the drive behind releasing the single? 

KC: On February 14th – yes, Valentines day, I am releasing a mash up of two cover songs…get ready, Journey and Van Morrison.  I have turned their songs into one big dance love song.  It’s called, Don’t Stop.  I hope everyone loves it!

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