International DJ And Actress Natalia Moon Releases New Single, “We Can Do It”

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Aussie export, Natalia Moon, doesn’t just make hit music. She rose to fame as a TV star in the Philippines, where she was nominated for “Outstanding Breakthrough Actress” for her work on “Ismol Family.” Ever the artist, Moon travels both domestically and internationally spinning her tracks for fans all over the globe.

We caught up with the woman of many talents to get to know a bit about her and talk about her new single, “We Can Do It” that dropped today on all digital media platforms.

Bridge: Thanks for taking the time out of your schedule to chat with us! Let’s start off by you telling our readers a bit about yourself…

NM: Hey I’m Natalia Moon and I’m an Aussie artist I have been traveling pursing my dreams. I had a sitcom and drama series in the Philippines. I am a singer/song writer and have been touring as a DJ through Asia and the Middle East.  I love creating and expressing stories through my lyrics. 

Bridge: Wow! That is quite the resume (laughs) Musically speaking, how would you describe your style?

NM: I would say catchy pop house with a strong bassy drop,  and then I have different collabs for EDM and other genres. I am going more towards radio friendly music.

Bridge: Where do you draw your inspiration as an artist from? 

NM: My grandma is my music spirit, she was singer when she was younger and we use to sing together. She always inspired me to go for it no matter what. Even being far away from my family I am constantly calling and FaceTiming so we get to connect still. 

Bridge: Being as successful as you are, what do you find is the most rewarding part of being in the music industry?

NM:  Creating and getting to write music that people can relate to. I love making beats and song writing, I am constantly singing making melodies on my voice notes. Sometimes I forget the time passing when I’m making music it’s rewarding. 

Bridge: We gotta know, what current projects/releases do you have going on? 

NM: I have “We Can do it “ dropping today! Another track, “Help” drops December 17. And some banger tracks for the new year. I am going to be collaborating with a lot of different artists in 2022. I spent the past 2 years learning and producing so I’m ready for the world to see my music.

Bridge: Love it! What is your favorite song that you’ve written and why?

NM: My favourite song would be “lift me up” it comes out In Jan. Each song has it’s own journey and I like them for different reasons.  Continuing to evolve and learn something different each song. The songs I write sometimes don’t relate to me, but it’s a story I created in my head like a film then I write the song knowing the situation. It’s really a fun process and I would love to write for other people too. 

Bridge: Who would be your dream collaboration?

NM: My dream collab would be “Calvin Harris” I am also a DJ and just love how he makes tracks that could be played in any setting he really gets that catchy tune and his tracks always beat the remixes.  And then “Valentino Khan” his beats are off the hook and I’m always wow’d.

Bridge: What is your vision and goals for your music in 2022? 

NM: I really want to get out there performing and touring , after such a long break I think it’s important to go for it and remember life is short. Figuring out what makes you happy and living life to the fullest. I really want to travel and collaborate with different artists in different countries.

Follow Natalia on social media to keep up with the latest and check out her new single, “We Can Do It’ available now!

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