Indie Spotlight: Rick And Friends

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Rick and Friends offers hook-filled, catchy tunes based in a Rock-Southern Rock-Blues blended style all their own. Soaring vocal harmonies, soul-stirring lyrics that draw you into the story, flanked by dual guitars and a beat that will have you rocking all night long.  The group is based in St. Peters, Missouri but have developed a fanbase around the world after garnering a great deal of press. 

Rick Drevet, Mark Pappalardo and Rusty Wright are the main cogs in this musical wheel. This band features professionals across the stage; artists who genuinely love what they do and show in their memorable songs and energetic live shows. 

Highlights include: “Livin’ Day To Day,” “River Creed” and “Cold Steel Blues” – all of which can be streamed and purchased online.  I see Rick and Friends making great music for many years to come.  They’re fantastic songwriters, true artists and skilled entertainers who deserve your attention.  

Stream Rick and Friends on Spotify here.

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