Indie Singer-Songwriter Diandra Releases New Single, “No Bad Lasts”

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Nashville-based record label Average Joes Entertainment celebrated eight new RIAA certifications allocated to several singles in its catalog during their...

Indie singer-songwriter Diandra is thrilled to release her new single “No Bad
Lasts” available everywhere now. What makes Diandra songs unique is with each release she has a chapter written about it. You can read the one for “No Bad Lasts” here.

Born In New York, with her family in Puerto Rico, life for Diandra felt crossed between two very different islands. Yet, in either, she always felt like her best friend was music. Between lyrics and rhythms, life became less lonely for the girl whose family was under palm trees and sun, while she shoveled snow and wrote fantasy novels in her room. Growing up with a world inside your head, in some ways, is the biggest sign you are meant to be an artist. For Diandra, getting straight As and joining more clubs than Rachel Berry on Glee did not mean she was bound for success. If anything, it was her desire to do everything that led her to become a critic, observe the entertainment world, and wonder whether going from a viewer to the viewed was truly what she wanted.

“No Bad Lasts” (2022)

After years traveling the world and covering concerts via her personal, entertainment website, Diandra Reviews It All, it was a trip to see her family in Puerto Rico, just before the pandemic, that inspired her to see embracing her talents is like imagining her “best life” can be her life. Singing was the first thing she knew she could do wonderfully, and writing was what she needed to learn she could have her own voice. Diandra is simply a good human being, or, at least, she thinks she is, and that is what her music is all about: believing you are good enough to do better for yourself and others.

With the world transformed, it seems like her music may have predicted exactly what people would feel as they pick up their lives to pick its purpose. For her, if you want the world to hear you, then you have to give them your heart to listen, and No Bad Lasts, her debut single, is her heart’s brazened search for hope. It is no secret that people are struggling to find faith in tomorrow and themselves. No Bad Lasts sings for those in struggle that never stop seeking their peace, even if the world will never stop challenging it. Written in under 5 minutes, there is nothing like a broken heart and a mind full of dreams to divinely inspire a song about feeling less than motivated but focused on getting back up. As the track claims, no storm is forever, and this song is her way of reaching for the calm.

Listen to “No Bad Lasts” here and follow Diandra on her socials below.

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