Inanna Releases “Collapse Of An Empire”

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Following the release of her album “Acrotopia, Inanna is breaking new ground and getting in touch with her mythological roots in her quietly monumental – and in the end explosively cathartic – new single.

Opening with a suspenseful ticking, and an evocative desert-like atmosphere, Inanna’s soft voice whispers a reminder in our ears: if our civilization is not sustainable, that does in fact mean it will not last. But not all is lost: “Some things just need to crumble, the tainted and corrupted, sometimes we need to crumble to be closer to the Earth”. The refrain brings Inanna’s message in a subtly majestic melody, which harkens back to the time of pyramids – making the idea of the collapse of civilization both exotic and chillingly real. Inanna chants, giving voice to our deepest presentiments and our desires to wash clean and start afresh.

As the climate justice movement knows well, the environmental crisis is not just about nature, or saving ourselves – it is about pain, suppression, injustice and longing for liberation. In a long thunderous release, the last part of the song feels like a musical earthquake, with grinding distorted guitars on top of the strange pyramidal melody, giving a sense of total release –  catharsis – and for a moment, as the music tones out, the uplifting idea of a new world feels so real you can almost touch it.

Inanna has been advocating for the environment and animals since the start of her new music trajectory, and you can read more about it here. She has reached more than 300k views on her YouTube channel and her growing fan-base includes both alternative music lovers and animalists, environmentalists, activists from all over the world.

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