HARDY And Lainey Wilson Team Up For Murder Ballad, “Wait In The Truck”

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If you’re a country music fan, your Friday news feed was probably filled with posts about HARDY and Lainey Wilson’s new single, “Wait In The Truck.”

And that’s for good damn reason.

In what plays out as an epically darker, male version of “Goodbye, Earl,” the brooding single paints the picture of a battered woman and the fierce protagonist who finds her on the side of the road.

W.I.T.T. touches on the classic tropes of country music, telling the anti-bedtime story of dark, vigilante justice.

Without pushing for an explanation from Lainey’s abused character, the male character takes matters into his own hands and murders the abusive partner.

“I don’t know if he’s an angel  / Cause angels don’t do what he did

He was hell-bent to find the man behind / All the whiskey scars I hid

“I never thought my day of justice / Would come from a judge under his seat”

Written by HARDY, Hunter Phelps, Renee Blair, and Jordan Schmidt, the single is an interesting but welcomed follow-up to HARDY’s previous release “Sold Out.”

The “Give Heaven Some Hell” singer’s raspy vocals coupled with Wilson’s classic country voice make this release a brooding breath of fresh air on country playlists.

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