Guitarist Andrew Moore Releases “Soul Echo”

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Andrew Moore is a guitarist from Moncton, New Brunswick. After receiving his credentials at the Los Angeles College of Music, Andrew wrote, recorded and mixed his debut album ‘MOTH.’ Within a year after its release, Andrew was pulled into the music scene in Asia and performed internationally with multi-award winning and platinum record selling artists such as Dimash Kudaibergenov (America’s Got Talent), Jolin Tsai and Kris Wu. Andrew has since returned to Canada to focus on his own music. His newest release “Soul Echo” is set to release in April 2022.

Andrew Moore- 2022

Andrew Moore’s newest release, Soul Echo, is described by the artist as “a calm and reflective album that paints a picture of what a melancholy Sunday sounds like.” After spending years performing funk, rock and blues music, Andrew returns to his roots in softer sounding ballads.

Andrew further explained that “Soul Echo is a record that reminds us to look back before we move forward.” It’s an album full of memories, moments and resolve. Soul Echo tells us it’s okay to feel the weight of time when we need to. Andrew is a talented writer, singer and guitarist. His original songs are smooth and memorable and his version of classics by The Beatles, Billy Joel, Foo Fighters and other famous artists become all his own. Andrew has a signature sound and tone that I find incredibly unique and enjoyable. His original song, “Candlelight” is a smash and my other favorite tune on the record is Andrew’s version of “Just The Way You Are” by Billy Joel. This is an artist clearly on the rise.

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