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Here at Bridge Magazine, we really do have an obsession with hunting down inspiring artists and forcing them to chat with us. Okay, maybe we don’t force them, we’re just very persuasive…Nevertheless, we are here with Urban Persevere. He’s an American artist, activist, and all-around good man.

Raised on the Southeast side of Chicago, Urban grew up surrounded by drug addiction and poverty. Although his stepfather was an active parent, his mother struggled to provide an acceptable home for him and his siblings. Sadly, when he was only ten years old, DCFS removed him, his two brothers, and his infant sister from the home and placed him in the care of his grandmother. She then cared for Urban and his siblings throughout grade school into high school.

While attending high school at South Shore High, Urban joined the Barnone gang until an event changed the direction of his life. During a neighborhood shooting, Urban was grazed by a bullet and it was then he resolved to leave the gang and immerse himself in his music.

As he was finishing up his high school education, the Chicago native began sharing his music and released two mixtapes. Shortly before graduation, he met his biological father, who turned out to be a member of the Chicago vocal and instrumental group, the Conway Brothers.

Music wasn’t the only passion for Urban, he found that he has the heart of an advocate. He wrote “The Squeaky Wheel,” a song featured prominently at the Uber Lyft Driver Virtual Rally in May 2020. He performed the song and spoke out about the unfair business practices that he witnessed during his time as a driver. Several media outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, ABC7 News Chicago, and the Chicago Dispatcher have published coverage of his activism.

We wanted to get to know the man behind the big heart and asked him a few questions…

Bridge: How would you describe your music?

Urban: I let my fans in on my life as no other artist has before. I tell my fans all of the personal things to let them know that I am human just like they are yet I also motivate my fans through my music to let them know whatever problems they have it’s going to be okay. I also take on real world problems through my music such as fairness in the workplace and some political issues as well.

Bridge: Where do you draw your inspiration as an artist from?

Urban: Earlier this year I lost my mother and grandmother within 28 days apart from each other I knew at that point I would be going as hard as I am now because I must win because that’s what they would’ve wanted. Past experiences and anything I see in the world that is wrong I usually voice my opinion through my music. I am a heavy Kendrick Lamar and Jay-Z fan and recently have been listening to a lot of Meek Mills. I love his activism behind the scenes.

Bridge: What’s been the most rewarding part of being in the music industry?

Urban: Being able to voice how you feel, you find your army of people who feel exactly the way you do but may be too afraid to voice it. So then you become their hero. Also, my recent activities have stretched as far as creating an app, Numella, help up-and-coming musicians is satisfying for me.

Bridge: What current projects/releases do you have going on? favorite song you’ve written and why?

Urban: I’m currently working on a song called (GROW) This song will be released at the very beginning of next month. As I mentioned above this song is very motivational and also gives my fanbase a little piece of my life. I made this song to give my Fanbase peace of mind and remind them that they are only human.

Bridge: Who would be your dream collaboration?

If I could collaborate with Jay-Z just one time my life will be nearly complete! The reason I say that is because he and I have a lot in common. We want to change the world through music.

Bridge: What is your vision and what are your goals for your music in 2022?

Urban: I really love this question because 2022 is a year that’s going to change music forever. While I will be releasing music, I am also implementing an app to help musicians take control of their music and not depend on record labels. 2022 will be the year the world will hear my name not just my fanbase!

There you have it, keep an eye out for the continued rise of Urban Persevere.

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