Gavin Magnus Set To Perform At New York Fashion Week

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New York Fashion Week makes its annual return this week to the heart of Manhattan.

Each year we get to see a glimpse into what our fall and winter fashions will look like along with the hottest up-and-coming stars who want to be seen and heard. With social media giving us our new flock of teen celebrity superstars a few also possess some amazing talent to back it up.

One artist who is no stranger to both being in the limelight and on social media is Gavin Magnus. Gavin rose to fame as a squad member of one of the first content houses in LA, making him a YouTube sensation overnight to the tune of 100 million views on YouTube.

Gavin Magnus - performs at New York Fashion Week
Gavin Magnus (2022)

Gavin made the crossover from social media to music in his early tweens dropping hit songs like “Crushin” which currently sits at 33 million views alone. Gavin’s earlier music really catered to the tween crush market which got a massive following from young teen viewers. Now 16 years old, a more mature Gavin is putting out radio-ready hits that just landed him center stage at New York Fashion Week this coming Saturday and Paris Fashion Week at the end of September.

Songs like “She’s a 10” give us a very familiar Kid Laroi feel with a popstar twist. Magnus’ songs are catchy with well thought out lyrics to grab the teen market’s attention. Clearly, Gavin has proven his ability to grab an audience and he differentially has some raw talent to back it up since performing at fashion week can be life-changing for many artists.

Gavin is set to perform at The Society Fashion Week runway show on Saturday, September 10th at 2:30 pm and Saturday night at the official House of Barretti Teen After Party. Check out @gavinmagnus on all platforms

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