Full House Music Producer, Mark Vogel, Drops New Holiday Single, “Fa La La With You”

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Music producer, TV and film composer and music director, Mark Vogel dropped a feel-good song just in time for the holidays!

Recently, we sat down with Mark for a quick chat to discuss the release…

Bridge: Hi Mark, thanks for sitting down with us today! Let’s start off by taking it way back, when can you remember your love of holiday music starting?

MV: As a kid I loved everything about Christmas, and of course, the music is the best.  I started at church on Christmas Eve with all the choirs, which I ended up directing, and the amazing sounds that filled the sanctuary.

Bridge: Is there anything different about making holiday music vs making regular music?

MV: I think there’s a magic to the holiday season that translates directly into the music of the holidays. It seems like singers and musicians allow themselves to have fun and be a little silly even, which brings out the fun music can have.  The beauty of holiday music also allows us to make big sounds and some dramatic moments that may not otherwise exist.  

Bridge: What do you hope people feel after listening to Fa La La?

MV: Hope.  I think the song tells the story of love and the bond people have together at the holidays.  The anticipation told in the lyric really build up an excitement, and who doesn’t LOVE that feeling.

Bridge: What’s your favorite holiday tradition? Got any unconventional ones?

MV: Hmmmmm not really much unconventional but LOTS of good ones.  I’m part of a large wonderful family and we do a lot of stuff together.  The craziest part I guess, is my nieces all love shopping the crazy hours on black friday and then go to breakfast and possibly to a loud to say the least….LOL

Bridge: Have you done all your holiday shopping for the year yet? Where’s your go-to store for gifts?

MV: Not done.  It’s been a very busy month and I have a lot of people to buy for….I’ve become an amazon guy….

Bridge: Tell us about your production process on ‘Fa La La’

MV:  Since it was written for a television special, we have a slot to fill, so knew we need an up tempo fun with a fun beat> Barry (Anderson) had the original idea of FaLaLa and I loved it!

Bridge: What else can we expect from you coming up after the holidays?

MV: I’m on 5 records right now, producing everyday.  I start a new feature film score on the 2nd of January and look out Broadway, I’m signing a new deal right after the holidays….stay tuned!  Also, in January I’m going to host a singing competition on TikTok with prizes so check that out!

Bridge: Thanks for chatting today Mark! Where can we follow you online?

MV: Please follow me on IG markvogelmusic and on TikTok markvogelmusic14

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