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Flex Hyzer is Wisconsin’s hottest new artist.

Combining Hip-Hop and Pop, Hyzer has made a big name for himself in a small amount of time…

Bridge: Thanks so much for letting us chat with you! Go ahead and start by telling our readers who you are…

FH: Thanks for having me! I am a singer/songwriter from Wisconsin that has a passion for music.

Bridge: You are a very eclectic artist! How would you personally describe your music

FH: That’s a little difficult to answer, but I’ll try my best. I’d say the main genre of music I have created has been hip/hop and pop. But I like to believe that I will transition to other genres as well. That’s one of the aspects of music I pride myself on. I think its important to be versatile.

Bridge: Absolutely! You never want to trap yourself in a box!

I read that you’ve only been making music for one year now! And yet you’ve come so far! What has this past year been like for you?

FH: Yeah it has been an awesome journey so far! But just because I have grown faster than some other artists does not mean there hasn’t been bumps in the road, and those bumps are what keeps me grounded and level-headed. I have learned to enjoy the journey rather than thinking of where I want to be.

Bridge: That’s a wise perspective. It’s easy to get caught up in the goal and where we are in relation to it. 

Was there anything about being in the music industry that surprised you?

FH: The sheer amount of material that is out there in terms of different marketing options blew my mind. There are so many ways to promote music, but picking the one that is most beneficial to you particularly is what is the most difficult.

Bridge: (Laughs) That is so true! Music in the digital age!

FHThis has a little to do with my previous answer. I have never doubted my abilities as an artist to make good music, but the business side is something I had to learn from scratch. And without the group of guys that are around me to help, I would have never grown the way I have.

Bridge: It almost does take a community or team to get through it. I’m glad you have people around you to help you carry your vision!

What do you want your fans to get out of your music?

FH: I want people to be able to listen to my music for not only the melodic and instrumental aspects, but the intricacies in how I choose different words and the way I pronounce them. That’s part of what I find so fascinating about music. The ability of certain artists to take a phrase and mold it to fit their song is something I constantly try to work on.

Bridge: What drives you to make music, what keeps your eyes on the dream in the hard times?

FH: For only being in this business for a year, I think it is safe to say I have not encountered a lot of the obstacles that get in the way of a career yet. But I am comfortable and confident with myself and my team that we will be able to not necessarily avoid obstacles, but face them.

Bridge: More wisdom there! You definitely can’t avoid them!

Do you have any current projects in the works?

FH: I do. I have a single called “Boom” that is releasing on September 19, as well as a two song project called “Under the Hood” releasing October 1. There are two distinct styles that I think people will enjoy.

Bridge: What is your favorite song that you’ve recorded to date?

FH: Its close, but I’d give the edge to “Lovin Never Felt So Good’ over a song like “White Gold”. Its the first time I had tried my hand in the pop/funk genre, and I think it went pretty well.

Bridge: I’m not going to lie, I was jamming to that one earlier (laughs

And the bitter end…what is the one song in your life that has resonated with you the most? Not just your favorite, but the one that your soul always goes back to?

FH: There are multiple songs that I keep coming back to. But the one that stands out to me the most is either “Heal the World” or “Another Part of Me”, both by Michael Jackson. His versatility is something that I strive for

Check out Flex Hyzer’s music on Spotify and YouTube and follow him on IG for more updates and new music!

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