Five Minutes With Modern Amusement

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Modern Amusement is an alternative rock duo based in Minneapolis, Minnesota consisting of Sam Black and Marco Milo. We sat down with the band to get a little introduction…

Bridge: Please describe to our audience how you came about on the music scene?

MA: Music has been something I’ve enjoyed for most of my life, but it was in high school when I discovered Weezer that I really started to want to write and perform music. I always admired them for always being so genuine and doing what they wanted with their music and it really inspired me to want to express myself through music in a similar way.

Bridge: What are you doing to push a positive narrative as an artist and with your music?

MA: My hope is that the music we create could inspire people to be themselves without shame. For me all the best music is music that makes you feel like you’re not alone and that’s the kind of music I strive to make.

Bridge: Are there any rituals you have developed over the years that are helpful to your music making process?

MA:I think I really just have to be in a very open headspace when I’m working on music. I try to welcome anything in so I can draw from all forms of creativity to make something. 

Bridge: Sour Patch Kid was made out of a real emotion you were feeling. Can you talk about that and if you’ve gained perspective since releasing the song?

MA:Yes, Sour Patch Kid was a song meant to emulate the feeling when you’re so angry that you don’t want to do anything else but be alone and be angry for a while. Funnily enough I have always found that angry songs calm me down more than calm songs, maybe just because it makes me feel better to know someone has felt the same way at some point, so I hope this song can be like that for other people. I’ve enjoyed hearing people talking about listening to Sour Patch Kid while working out and other energetic activities, that’s exactly where I hoped the song would thrive!

Bridge: What have the results been like since really focusing on your career?

MA: Modern Amusement began in mid-2020 and it’s been great seeing our listener-base grow with every new release. I honestly wasn’t sure if even one person would care about this stuff, so now having all kinds of people asking when our next release feels really amazing, I feel very grateful and lucky.

Bridge: How do you think your experiences have helped you shape your career and approach your music? 
I was always kind of an outcast growing up with lots of social anxiety, so I think getting into music was really important for me because it’s an excellent way to express yourself in a less conventional way. I like to share my experiences with these difficulties from my early life in my music and it’s been wonderful hearing people say they can relate to the songs, it makes me feel like this is exactly what I should be doing with my life.
Bridge: How did you develop your community of fans?

MA: Since Modern Amusement began during the height of the pandemic, live shows were not possible early on, so our fan base grew pretty much completely through online activity. It’s the marvel of the modern age, we’ve been able to connect with all types of people around the world by sharing our music on the internet!

Bridge: Talk to us about Sour Patch Kid and what you want fans to get from after listening to the new music?

MA:I really just hope that people who listen to Sour Patch Kid and any of our other songs will find something to relate to in them, that it will give them a smile and that it will leave them with a positive experience!

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