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Bridge: Tell our readers who you are and what you’re about

ZSZF: I’m always up for the challenge to turn a listener into a fan. To me the term “rising star” doesn’t  begin to capture my overwhelming potential and noteworthy lyrical skills. Being a native of Miami is obvious in my sound and I want my music to be reminiscent of that southern style of rap that has always been the go to music to fit every mood throughout the years.

Bridge: How long have you been making music?

I guess it depends on what you would define as “making music”. My head has been full of rhymes for years. I think the first song I actually saw through to a finished product was at least 3 years ago named “Love my life”. That song probably never made it passed friends and family given I allowed adulting to win versus chasing dreams; but I woke up one day and said “Why not? Let’s do it!”.

ZSZF: We gotta know the inspiration behind your name…

ZSZF (pronounced Zi-Es-Zi-Ef) is an acronym for Zero Shts Zero Fcks. The name comes from the mentality I had to develop towards anyone and everyone who made dream killing statements about what I told them I wanted to accomplish. When someone asks “why” I’m  pursuing an idea that’s out of what they consider to be the norm my reply is “why not?”. That moment becomes the moment I begin to give ZSZF!

Bridge: What do you want your listeners to get from your music?

ZSZF: I want my music to resonate with my listeners to the point where the lyrics pull them into the song and all the passion and energy that went into it is felt. When listening to a song becomes feeling a song, I believe at that moment is when a listener turns into a fan.

Bridge: What goals do you have for your music for 2022?

ZSZF: First, I would say releasing an EP Album. As of now I’ve released 6 singles that are different vibes and that only begin to show my diversity when it comes to lyricism. I’m thinking I want to focus on a cohesive project where the tracks complement each other.

Second, I would love to perform live and/or create a music video. The energy that I put into recording a song needs to be seen as a live performance!

Bridge: If you had to pick just one of your tracks for someone to listen to to get the best feel for who you are which would it be?

ZSZF: I’m torn with this one, it’s like picking a favorite child (you don’t say it out loud but there’s always a favorite). I’m choosing between my first single “Jesus Piece” and my soon to be released “Got Me”. I hope that with every song, I grow and become a better version of me, but the intro to “Jesus Piece” is what I live by; so “Jesus Piece” it is!

Bridge: Give us the info on your upcoming release…

ZSZF: My next release is called “Got Me”, which will be available Friday December 3rd on all streaming platforms. With every track, I approach it with a  goal to incorporate more than just hints of the truth, yes, there’s some lyrical creativity and speaking it into existence within all the songs, but I have real stories to tell and I won’t let creativity overshadow my truth.

Bridge: Just a fun question, if you had to pick someone to play you in a movie, who would it be?

ZSZF: I think I’m supposed to say Denzel Washington. I connect with his ability to be versatile and take on any role and get the job done. But I’m going to go with Michael B Jordan; he’s relatively newer and just killing it. Denzel has a lot to teach; Michael has a lot left to learn; that’s who I connect with.

Check out ZSZF on social media and stream his latest tracks below.

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