Fender Honors Grammy-Award Winning Artist, Guitarist, Songwriter, And Producer Steve Lacy With Artist Signature Stratocaster

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Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC) today announces the launch of the Steve Lacy “People Pleaser” Stratocaster®, a collaboration with California born-and-raised Grammy-winning artist, guitarist, songwriter, and producer Steve Lacy.

This Signature Stratocaster® guitar is not only an homage to a player whose guitar-playing style is as technically proficient as it is emotionally evocative, but a celebration of Lacy’s indelible impact on culture at large. Named for his trailblazing reputation, crowd-pleasing sounds, and stage looks, the “People Pleaser” Stratocaster® showcases Lacy’s evolution from a hungry musician into a chart-topping artist and guitarist. 

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