India’s Experimental Techno Producer, Beyond Charlie, Releases New Single,”Tarang”

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Beyond Charlie is an Experimental Techno producer and artist based in Pune, India.

The eclectic artist is known for his unique musical blends, infusing Indian Classical, Indian Folk and carnatic music with Electronica and Techno Synths.

His latest release, “Tarang” is his seventh release this year. This is his first project partnered with Swar VST. Tarang (Waves) is described as a “blissful and happy vibe, comprising of Raag Milaap in Hinustani style fused with some Punjabi String instruments and techno synths.”

When we asked Beyond Charlie about his style, he said “My style of visceral and experimental techno revolves around rolling drums, mesmerizing analog yelps and complete progressive tones. It sounds simple but is devastatingly funky especially the parts of its odd tonal patterns and stop-start rhythms.”

Check out our recent interview with the artist to learn more…

Bridge: Of all of the paths to take, why did you choose music?

BC: I have been always fascinated with Indian Classical music since childhood. All the credit goes to my mom who is a trained Carnatic and Hindustani classical singer. From childhood, I have been around a series of impromptu sessions comprising various Indian classical and folk instruments. 

Being an entrepreneur due to my hectic schedule I could not take music professionally but the covid 19 pandemic bought all my businesses to a standstill. With all the depression and anxiety, music helped me to regain my sanity. I opened a studio during this lockdown and started experimenting with what was close to my heart. I came up with this unique idea of experimenting by fusing Indian classical with techno and it really did wonders. My first track ” Curd Rice” got playlisted in more than 130 curated playlists on Spotify and got featured on iHeart Radio. since then it was never looking back and I released total of 7 tracks in a span of 5 months and made it to BBC Introducing and BBC Sounds.

Courtesy of Beyond Charlie Music

Bridge: What inspires you most as an artist?

BC: I discovered my love for House music early on when the innovative Techno and Electronic sounds infiltrated back in 2006. This introduction to House music changed my life and I  embraced electronic soul music wholeheartedly ever since. The year was 2010 when I moved to Hamburg, Germany and was introduced to Techno. I absolutely fell in love with the genre and techno has continued to influence my style until now. Being a buff of Indian classical instruments like sitar, sarod, flute and Carnatic Vocals, I was supremely influenced by this style and When I got a chance to tour with Jalebee Cartel and The Midival Punditz Feat Karsh Kale for the Bacardi Megamix it was an eye-opener.

Bridge: Give us some highlights of your musical journey…

BC: I have been hobby DJing for 15 odd years and always was closely associated with musicians and touring with them. During this pandemic when I got a chance to learn the art of production I discovered my own style of fusing Indian classical with techno synths.

My first track Curd Rice got featured on BBC Introducing and BBC sounds and motivated me to release two more singles in the same month. Karuna and Advaita got me more exposure as an artist when they got featured on iHeart Radio and Digital X radio Frankfurt.

“Surangi,” My fifth track was my first ever vocal experimented single collaborated with Bansi Bawara, a street singer from Udaipur. This track opened doors to me for a wide array of artists who wanted to collaborate with my style of music. 

Post this I got signed as an artist by SWAR VST in the year 2021 and my latest release “Tarang” was an exclusive release for them.

Bridge: What is a big goal/dream you have for your music?

BC: It brings immense joy when artists and DJs play my tracks in their sets and podcasts. My tracks have been featured on Radio Brisvaani, Brisbane Australia. My big dream is to release tracks on big labels like Anjunadeep and perform for bigger festivals like ADE.

Courtesy of Beyond Charlie Music

Bridge: What do you feel your message to listeners is as an artist?

BC: Did you know there are about 70k original compositions that get submitted on Beatport and Spotify every single day? The majority of listeners never really explore much apart from what’s listed on the top 100 billboard charts. I would request my listeners to do explore beyond the obvious and give a listen to some really underrated artists producing some brilliant music.

Bridge: What projects do you have going on right now?

BC: Currently, I am working on two projects and is up for release in early Feb. I am super excited for my upcoming single “Anaksunamun”.

This is my first ever attempt beyond my usual style of Indian classical. Anaksunamun is an organic and ethnic techno attempt with Arabian string instruments and percussions fused with a groovy techno synth. 

Check out “Tarang” and keep up with Beyond Charlie on socials and streaming services below.

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