Exclusive: World Premiere of McMillin’s Newest Single ‘What It Was’

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McMillin, one of Nashville’s most versatile artists, is dropping a brand new single, “What It Was.” Set against Nashville’s evolving backdrop, the song navigates the complexities of change, nostalgia, and growth.

McMillin’s creative process for “What It Was” was a journey of discovery. Initiated in 2020, the song’s defining line, “it never will be what it was,” struck a chord. This phrase led to the captivating hook, “and then it hits you all at once.” McMillin’s lyrics traverse his upbringing and the shifting Nashville landscape, woven together by dreamy verses and energetic, swinging beats.

Capturing the Essence of Change

“Change is inevitable, neither good nor bad,” McMillin reflects. “What It Was” captures the metamorphosis of Nashville, addressing its construction boom, trendy establishments, and urban congestion. Yet, it also delves into the darker side of change, acknowledging the challenges that growth brings, including increased violence. McMillin’s lyrical finesse confronts the multifaceted nature of progress.

Exclusive: World Premiere of McMillin's Newest Single 'What It Was'
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While retaining his unique style, “What It Was” showcases McMillin’s evolution. Embracing blues rock with a nod to Nashville’s spirit, the track also embraces hip-hop influences, seamlessly transitioning to a J Dilla-inspired swing beat. McMillin draws from artists like Marcus King and Gary Clark Jr., forging a fresh sonic path that enriches his future compositions.

At its core, “What It Was” encourages listeners to find harmony in change. McMillin advises, “Find the good, make peace with the ugly, and remember the things that make you smile.” The song is a rhythmic and reflective journey, capable of inducing the “stank face” – a testament to its groove-worthy charm.

“As the premiere of “What It Was” approaches, McMillin offers a musical narrative of Nashville’s transformation and the personal growth it evokes.

“What It Was” will linger in listeners’ hearts, serving as an anthem to embracing change while cherishing cherished memories.

“What It Was”

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