Exclusive: World Premiere of Josh Rennie-Hynes’ New Single “Is It In The Water”

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Summer days, young love, and magical encounters – all elements that intertwine to create an emotional experience in Josh’s new song “Is it in the Water.

The singer-songwriter has embarked on a journey to blend his emotive roots with electronic elements, and this transformative process is beautifully showcased in his upcoming album ‘LIGHT/SHADE.’ I had the chance to sit down with Josh to delve deeper into his artistic evolution, the inspiration behind his new single, “Is It In The Water” and what we can expect from the highly anticipated album.

In ‘LIGHT/SHADE,’ Josh seamlessly blends electronic and synth sounds with his signature emotive songwriting. To understand the process of this fusion, Josh shed some light on his musical journey leading up to the album. He revealed, “On my 2022 album ‘DAY RAGE,’ I had already started experimenting with more synth and electronic sounds. Diving into it further on ‘LIGHT/SHADE’ felt like the next natural step in my progression as an artist.” Much credit goes to his producer and co-writing buddy, Kyle Henderson, who encouraged him to push the boundaries of his artistry. “We tried an entirely different writing approach for this album, which was so fun and freed me up beyond just writing on a guitar or piano,” Josh added.

The single “Is it in the Water” transports listeners to a transformative day spent on the river, where the protagonist falls in love with someone special. “I find I write best when I’m drawing from real and truthful experiences,” Josh said, highlighting his commitment to authenticity. “Even if it’s just a small part of an experience, getting those truthful details in there really helps me connect to the songs and music more.”

One intriguing aspect of the song is the character of ‘Yukon John,’ a legend on the river who plays a role in shaping the narrative. “I love meeting people like Yukon John, and I seem to meet them wherever I go in the world,” Josh shared. “As an artist, if you have your radar on and your eyes open, there are interesting stories and things going on all around us that we can tap into.”

Exclusive: World Premiere of Josh Rennie-Hynes' New Single "Is It In The Water"
Courtesy of the Artist

When asked about the role of music in capturing the essence of summer and its connection to emotions like young love and magic, Josh explained, “A great song is the perfect blend of music, lyrics, and sonic textures.” “Is it in the Water” effortlessly captures the warmth of new love and the sun-drenched feeling of summer. Josh’s ability to create an emotional experience beyond just the sound is evident in this captivating track.

‘LIGHT/SHADE’ promises to be a deeply introspective album, representing a significant evolution in Josh’s musical journey. “I wrote and recorded ‘LIGHT/SHADE’ during an intense period of my life,” he shared candidly. “I was falling in love with someone and looking at the life I had created, living in a foreign country and asking myself questions about who I was surrounded by and the person I wanted to be.”

The album reflects the light and shade in Josh’s own life, capturing universal themes that listeners can relate to on a profound level. “This album pushed me beyond where I’ve ever gone as an artist, and I feel I grew a lot in the process of making it,” he revealed.

As fans eagerly await the release of ‘LIGHT/SHADE,’ “Is it in the Water” serves as a tantalizing glimpse into Josh’s musical metamorphosis. The fusion of electronic elements with his emotive roots promises an unforgettable listening experience, drawing listeners into the world of summer love and magical encounters.

‘LIGHT/SHADE’ is set to release on September 15, 2023, and without further ado, the world premiere of his new single ‘Is it in the Water exclusively here at BRIDGE:

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