Exclusive: World Premiere of Blake Fades “PESOS” Music Video

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Hold onto your hats, because BLAKE FADES is causing a sensation with the unveiling of the official music video for his chart-topping single, “PESOS.” The Oklahoma-based country singer/rapper/songwriter has signed with Average Joes Entertainment, and his debut singles, “DROWNING ON YOU” and “PESOS,” have already made waves across all major digital platforms.

“Man! It’s been a long time coming,” shares the excited FADES. “I’m very excited about what we’re doing and the new sound we’ve created. I think Average Joes is a perfect place for me because they’re used to doing things that are out of the box, and I’m definitely an artist that likes mixing it up. Time to run it up and make history!”

Exclusive: World Premiere of Blake Fades "Pesos" Music Video
Photo by Julian Mendoza

BLAKE FADES, also known as Blake Frasier, has been a rising star in his own right, amassing an impressive eleven million worldwide streams during his independent career. His journey to the spotlight began during the pandemic when he took to social media to share his music. His creativity shone through in viral remixes like his take on Morgan Wallen and ERNEST’s “Cowgirls,” which gained nearly two million views on Instagram.

What sets FADES apart is his genre-blurring approach, and “PESOS” is a prime example of this unique fusion. With elements of country-rap and a rock-infused edge, BLAKE FADES is redefining musical boundaries. Produced by Dylan Maloney, “PESOS” leaves fans craving more and eager to witness the magic of the official music video, a visual spectacle directed by Julian Mendoza.

“The shoot was fun as hell! It was my first time in LA – COUNTRY BOY IN THE BIG CITY! Got to see the hills too. It was dope.”

-Blake Fades on the “Pesos” music video shoot.

FADES shares the inspiration behind the catchy hit, saying, “My first truck was an ’85 short wide Chevy, so I wanted to put something similar in the video. That southern sauce!”

Don’t miss out on the latest updates from BLAKE FADES. Visit his website and follow his social media channels to stay connected and be a part of this exhilarating musical ride.

Check out “Pesos” here:

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