Exclusive Premiere of Karine Hannah’s New Cover Single, “Hysteria”

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Karine Hanna, “The QUEEN of Pop Cover Songs” is releasing a new single, “Hysteria,” by the world-famous rock n’ roll group Def Leppard, which is exclusively premiering here today on Bridge Music Magazine.

Her cover of “Hysteria” is laden with the elegance and energy that fans have come to expect from her, with gentle piano accompaniment and Karine’s enchanting vocals. The track likens being in love to the feeling of hysteria: It’s something that comes onto you all at once, something confusing, something “magical, mysteria,” something that can’t be stopped or contained. Karine’s vocal swells and the instrumental convey that feeling of certainty with mastered ease.

We had to know her method while choosing and recording this beautiful track… 

Bridge: Why did you choose to re-imagine this song? 

KH: I chose Hysteria because my producer (Josh Harris) was able to envision how this hit Def Leppard song could be refreshed & recreated to be modernized, and when I heard the track he created, I knew we had something special.

Bridge: Could you tell our readers more about this project that you’re working on?

KH: This project is called “inspired” and it’s a covers project, reimagining music from various categories: Rock, 80’s, 21st Century Pop, & Classics. We are planning on adding Motown & 80’s volume 2. 

Bridge: There’s so many GREAT songs, How did you narrow down the tracks for each genre collection? How did you know which ones you were going to cover? 

KH: I picked songs for each category that fit a few important criteria. The most important ones, I wanted to choose songs that are already loved universally, have undeniable melodies and have the ability to be reimagined and possibly unexpected to hear both reimagined and sung by a female artist.

Bridge: What made you choose which songs you wanted to be an EP and which songs you wanted to be a single?

KH: Some songs my record company and I knew were undeniable and needed to be released as a single, but when I wanted to release the “classics” as an EP that’s because each song I had recorded was equally strong and we decided that it “just needs to get out there.” My upcoming single Hysteria has hit potential and deserves solo attention & if I were releasing an original album this song would be the vibe.

Bridge: What’s your favorite lyric from “Hysteria”? What part of the song stood out to you the most?

KH: The lyrics on the chorus are what reaches my soul. It’s an uplifting message of love, in a simple way, but said uniquely.

Bridge: Did this song inspire you to check out more of their other songs on Def Leppard’s album “Hysteria”? 

KH: It definitely did. I was only familiar with one song from this album and now I’m a fan! 

Bridge: If you were to cover this song again, would you do anything differently?

KH: No, I definitely would not. I’m very proud of the direction we took on this one, and how I chose to interpret it. It felt so right when I worked on it.

Bridge: What do you hope your fans get out of this whole project?

KH: My biggest wish for this project is that fans will want to have playlists of all the various  categories, and see this music as a soulful fresh take on songs they already know, and then what would be even cooler is if a whole new generation, would discover my versions of all these great songs, (just wait till you hear the 80’s collection). One last thing, I’m also preparing for an “inspired”  tour, where I will be performing these reimagined covers live.

“Hysteria” by Karine Hannah will be available May 13th on all streaming and download platforms. 

Without further ado, here is the world premiere of “Hysteria” by Karine Hannah:

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