Exclusive Premiere: Hannah Schdze’s New Single “Fonder”

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“Fonder,” the newest release from Hannah Schdze, is a song that tackles the pain of long-distance relationships and the transcendence of love itself. From the song’s lyrics to its captivating instrumentals, the song showcases Schdze opening up to her audience to provide a better understanding of what kind of person she is. She seeks to provide a meaningful experience to her audience and help develop a shared connection between each and every listener.

“Fonder” is a song that covers the hardships and dedication of maintaining a long-distance relationship. Whether it’s a brief period or extends for years on end, being away from a loved one can cause a sense of disconnect and sadness over a lack of physical connection. This topic is explored heavily throughout the song itself; listeners can see the progression of the singer’s love and devotion for this individual, despite their distance from one another. Lyrics, such as “Distance makes me fonder, though it makes me blue/Distance is the number of days till I see you,” showcase how their relationship and love for one another can transcend time and distance. The song’s overall message pertains to the strength of love and how it can persist even in the most challenging times.

Exclusive Premiere: Hannah Schdze's New Single "Fonder"
“Fonder” (2023)

“I wrote “Fonder” during a one-month-long trip to my hometown Mexico City. It was my first time being far away from my now husband since we started dating. Even though I deeply missed him, I also felt grateful for having him in my life and knowing that we would be together again soon. Many of us have spent a long time far away from the people we love, especially in the last couple of years. This song is a light at the end of the tunnel for all of us who deeply miss someone and a reminder that, whenever we see each other again, our love will be stronger than ever.” – Hannah Schzde

Seeking to show the music scene a change of heart, Hanna Schzde is an up-and-coming artist who hopes to truly dazzle the industry. Having experience in singing, songwriting, and other instruments, such as the violin, Schzde shows her experience and prowess in music. Her prior releases, such as “Shine,” showcase her nature and desire to provide joy to the world and spread happiness in whatever way she can.


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